back to article Microsoft revenue up by a fifth as world shuffles through the pandemic into the metaverse

The blockbuster quarters just keep on rolling for Microsoft after its latest set of financials surpassed analysts' forecasts, thanks to a thriving cloud and PC market in the pandemic-driven new digital age. For Q2 ended 31 December of Microsoft's fiscal 2022, total revenue jumped 20 per cent year-on-year to $51.7bn, higher …

  1. Clausewitz 4.0

    Metaverse is a failure

    Everybody knows Metaverse is a failure.

    Zucker in bed with Intel agencies cannot get even 1 hacker, so they keep trying to make fun of their own incompetence.

    Like any other bubble, some will put money into it until it bursts.

    1. Dinanziame Silver badge

      Re: Metaverse is a failure

      Is the Metaverse supposed to represent anything more than a sort of second Second Life? Possibly displaying digital stuff bought as NFTs?

    2. karlkarl Silver badge

      Re: Metaverse is a failure

      From what I can see, the metaverse is a way to connect the user closer to their money and make it easier to make "micro-payments". Making it easier to monetize *everything* on the web.

      It will be an absolute failure for us plebs but the companies trying to milk us will keep the metaverse in the spotlight and keep it alive. Soon we won't be able to turn on the lights without hearing about the sodding metaverse.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Metaverse is here

    The metaverse is not just the Zuckerverse. Zoom meetings are virtual spaces as much as anything in Zuckworld. World of Warcraft puts you in a shared virtual world. Minecraft even has user created virtual worlds where people can interact. Plus, you don't need a silly looking and cumbersome virtual reality headset for them.

    Frankly I have enough trouble with real reality and I'm not eager for virtual reality.

  3. Korgonzolla

    Nadella has really turned the ship around from the late days of Ballmer. If they'd hire one of Ballmer's yes men then you could see them being like Oracle today - late to the cloud game, sweating their existing customers to keep revenue streams, and probably still trying to make smartphones that no one wants to buy.

    The Azure UI is still a hot mess, but the news from Seattle is that they are poaching lots of the top talent from the modern day sweatshop that is AWS.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Nadella has really turned the ship around..."

      Yes. Completely off topic but, when the Titanic capsized, half of it was at it's all-time highest elevation and at that point turning it around wouldn't of changed much.

      1. Willie T


        “ when the Titanic capsized, half of it was at it's all-time highest elevation and at that point turning it around wouldn't of changed much”

        Possibly the worst analogy of all time.

        How about: Nadella has patched the hole in the Titanic, upgraded the engines and installed a hydrofoil - ship is flying along at top speed now.

        There, fixed it for you!

  4. Tilda Rice

    Some people liked those Windows Phones Korgonzolla.

    And the Azure UI a mess? Compared to what GCP and AWS? LOL

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