back to article Korea gives a $7.5bn nod to the metaverse and AI projects

South Korea's Ministry of Science and ICT (MIST) has earmarked ₩9 trillion ($7.5bn/ £5.55bn) for projects including AI and the development of a K-metaverse as part of its Digital New Deal programme. "The Digital New Deal is a pan-ministry National Innovation Project that seeks to overcome the COVID-19 economic crisis through …

  1. Schultz

    Somebody help me understand ...

    What is the metaverse good for? A quick Google search indicates it might add a lot of advertising opportunities, help you shop, hold a video-conference, and play games. But advertisement is not something many people enjoy, the one-click shopping experience is already patented, and games already have their virtual worlds. So what exactly will be revolutionized by the Metaverse?

    Is it all about advertisement and who gets their share of that $763.2 billion cake?

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