back to article Desktop-deprived Linus Torvalds releases first release candidate of ‘not huge’ kernel 5.17

The first release candidate for version 5.17 of the Linux kernel has rolled off the production line – despite fears that working from a laptop might complicate matters. Emperor Penguin Linus Torvalds is currently on the road and, when announcing the release of Linux 5.16 predicted that the version 5.17 release merge window …

  1. Howard Sway Silver badge

    laptop aversion comes from the fact that he likes to do lots of local testing

    Rather a strange distinction for Linus to be promoting - surely the difference between a local login and remote login is seen as almost non-existent for any experienced user. And why can't the huge companies that make plenty off linux provide some super duper state of the art hosted build servers for him?

    1. Code For Broke

      Re: laptop aversion comes from the fact that he likes to do lots of local testing

      So I think I understand that Linus can not risk exposing his home workstation to the Net in any kind of remotely accessible way. The fate of the entire Net itself could, in some not-too-fevered dream, rely on maintaining the security of that box. But then... Can he expose that box to the Net at all? And if so, what precautions must he take? And if now, how the hell do you test anything except maybe grep?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It doesn't sound like he is using the cloud. More just a remote server through SSH and he specifically knows which machine he is logging into.

  3. Roger Kynaston Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Emperor Penguin

    A good description of him.

    The image libraries have pictures of Emperor Penguins though. I like this one:

    1. Claverhouse Silver badge

      Re: Emperor Penguin

      Thanks. I would have been grateful, because penguins are awesome; but Shutterstock --- jumping right on to the creepy list as surely as the late Mr. Epstein --- immediately refused, as with many idiotic companies now, because I'm not using one of the 5 Browsers. One of 4 in their case.

      Back to the Internet Explorer monopoly...

      I'm on Pale Moon and apparently they are too stupid to understand that Standards are things for browsers to adhere to so that any browser can access the Web; not that Standards are what Google decide they are.

      Mention this also since a day or so ago my email, Tutanota, just went this way [ 5 Browsers ], so I now have the repellent task of finding a new main email, then changing 100s of contact details one-by-one...

      Preferably not GMail.

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