back to article Can you compose memory across a HPC cluster? Yes. Yes you can

GigaIO and MemVerge are developing a joint solution to enable memory to be composable across a cluster of servers, addressing one of the thorny issues in high performance computing (HPC) where some nodes may not have enough memory for the tasks in hand, while others may have spare capacity. s the combined GigaIO-MemVerge stack …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Optane DIMMs are available in higher capacities than standard memory DIMMs, but at half the cost per GB of DDR4"

    And about one tenth of the speed? Or less.

    This means you're really talking about composable Optane, not composable memory.

  2. Mark Hahn

    Wake me when composable memory is 50 ns, maybe 100. If it's microseconds, better off with explicit messaging.

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