back to article Sniff those Ukrainian emails a little more carefully, advises Uncle Sam in wake of Belarusian digital vandalism

US companies should be on the lookout for security nasties from Ukrainian partners following the digital graffiti and malware attack launched against Ukraine by Belarus, the CISA has warned. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said it "strongly urges leaders and network …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    President Tucker will sell Alaska to Putin

    In case you haven't realize, Tucker Carlson plans on doing a run for US President. He's been positioning himself for that run, and courting Concorde Management/Putin money, the Maria Butina/Putin lobby and the "Internet Research Agency"/Putin troll-factory, and doing little personal attacks on Trump (i.e. trying to lever himself into the position, without alientating the rest of the Republicans).

    All that Putin brown nosing he did for a purpose. He always is driven by self interest, he brown-noses for his own gain.

    Also in case you missed it, Tucker is trying to take Russia's side over America's in the upcoming Russian invasion of Ukraine. Portraying it as a "China-Mexico pact that would threaten US". As if the USA isn't on NATO's side. I'm expecting him to demonize NATO as some sort of "third party" unconnected to the US, trying to drag the US into war, and not "NATO, the military alliance, dominated by America", to secure US military supremecy.

    He'll portray NATO as an aggressor, echoing Putin's rhetoric.

    And if you run that scenario forward, Putin wants control of oil, Alaska has oil reserves and a President Tucker wants help from Putin in getting power and the quid-pro-quo for that isn't Ukraine, it's Alaska. Alaska being closer to Russia than America, Putin will extract a high prize for helping Tucker become President, Tucker and the Republicans will give him Alaska.

    Trump sold them Ukraine, Tucker will sell him Alaska.

    See Republicans? They will fall into line, just as they have with so many other wackadoodle agendas. They do not lead, they watch Fox News and follow the agenda they are told. Watch as they justify handing Alaska over to Putin. The very same people that went to Moscow on the 4th July after Trump got elected, they decided it was in their personal interests to promote Russian interests over American interests. Sarah Palin too, she'll sell out Alaska easily. She lives in New York now anyway, she'll be there telling people how she always believed Alaska should be Russian and how the Alaska people voted 98% in favor of Putin.

    So when they're doing the sales patter trying to sell out Ukraine, see the exact same scenario with Alaska.

    1. David 132 Silver badge

      Re: President Tucker will sell Alaska to Putin

      What the f*ck does your little rant have to do with the story, other than "Ukraine"? Are you just another pro-Kremlin, anti-West troll? Cos if so, you're doing a pretty poor job of it. But carry on, we'll just point and laugh.

  2. Potemkine! Silver badge

    Belarus is a Russian proxy. Its government is a Putin's puppet, and is still in place only to serve Russian interests. That will be Ukraine fate if Russian plans succeed

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      I wouldn't be averse to plonking a stack of cash down on these "Belorussian" hacking types actually being Mad Vlad's usual dirtbags taking a government-funded holiday in Minsk.

      Oh, odds-on already...

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