back to article Need to prioritize security bug patches? Don't forget to scan Twitter as well as use CVSS scores

Organizations looking to minimize exposure to exploitable software should scan Twitter for mentions of security bugs as well as use the Common Vulnerability Scoring System or CVSS, Kenna Security argues. Better still is prioritizing the repair of vulnerabilities for which exploit code is available, if that information is known …

  1. sreynolds Bronze badge

    So finallly...

    After using twitter for 15 years, it isn't totally useless? No way.

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    jumble of letters

    And Kenna/Cyentia maintain this score and want to monetize it? Shock!

    Perhaps it'd be useful if it was readable and not, indeed, a jumble of letters. All the DBAs and sysadmins I know are going to look at that and go "uh huh" - they don't have time for this cryptic shit.

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