back to article Indian IT services biz HCL sees boom in business – and staff attrition

HCL's latest quarter was packed with revenue growth and new deals – but also saw a near-doubling of attrition when compared to last year, affecting net profit and forcing the firm to get creative in preventing staff from jumping ship. The Indian IT service provider reported [PDF] year-on-year revenue growth of 13.8 per cent to …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "HCL [..] has already added 10,000 this quarter"

    Maybe, but it has added 10K newbies that need training. Cheap, but unskilled. I don't care what your diploma is, you're not ready for the working environment.

    On the other hand, you are ripe for being pressed and stressed until you either soar or crack.

    It seems that the previous batch mostly cracked.

    It also seems that HCL does not offer a working environment like Google. Like it or not, the adslinger and PII-hooverer apparently has a very nice working environment which ensures employee loyalty, even when Google is publicly shamed for projects that impact personal liberties or humanitarian concerns.

    HCL : take a hint.

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