back to article Rocketing chip sales growth to ease off this year, reach $680bn, say analysts

Semiconductor sales are expected to return to a more realistic growth trajectory this year after a record-setting 2021, analyst house IC Insights said in a study released this month. It's anticipated chip sales will reach a record-high of $680.6bn (£500bn) in 2022, growing by 11 per cent from 2021. Integrated circuit revenues …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    COVID was not the only reason for supply issues

    Taiwan had a drought, and TSMC was rather severely impacted by that.

    We can all hope that COVID will end up going away, but there's every chance that droughts will happen again next summer.

    That is probably why TSMC is building in the US (albeit in one of driest states of the Union <smacks forehead>).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: COVID was not the only reason for supply issues


      Why There are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID) Wendover - YouTube

      1. fg_swe Bronze badge

        And The Consequences Are ?

        1.) Don't recycle cars as early. Spend more effort and money into repairing old cars. Do we really need the chrome blink as much as we think ? This maintains very good jobs in every local economy.

        2.) Boneheaded Auto Managers should use their brains and dont shut down their demand of components totally. This would signal the components/chips/resistor/etc producers that this business is real. If there is not enough money in a crisis, go to national leaders and demand special credit for this purpose from banks like KFW.

        3.) The enormous monetary expansion we had in the last 15 years will create "shortages" at the "current" price points. Who would have thunken that ?

        4.) Instead of throwing more CPUs and more RAM at any problem, maybe we developers should aim for better algorithms and generally more efficient approaches. Ditch PHP, use Sappeur, Rust.

        5.) Due to monetary expansion, raw materials such as sand for concrete is running out. Yes, sand running out. Maybe we should not expand money at that breakneck speed ?

        6.) When fuel is getting short/expensive (as it has been in the last months), maybe we should all take local vacations instead of a flight to Mallorca or Florida ? Airbus and Boeing are going to hate this idea, but these corporations are there to serve the public and not the other way around. Maybe they also should do more repairs than crazy production numbers.

        7.) In general, a well-managed money system will handle any shortage. People will become very creative when something (say a CPU) increases in its price tenfold. Then they will tell the engineer to use a more efficient programming language (see 4.)

  2. fg_swe Bronze badge

    Refurbish Instead Of Produce New

    In countries such as Belarus, where wages are low compared to western Europe, they will repair a car even when it has 250 000km and 15 years of age.

    One could make a business model of shipping cars to Belarus, refurbish them there and ship back to western Europe, sell them as refurbished (brakes, clutch, ball bearings changed).

    The huge Japanese transport ships could be used to bring the cars to Vilnius, from where they could be transported to Belarus.

    1. fg_swe Bronze badge

      Spare Parts Business

      Note that this would be a massive raise for the spare parts business of the auto companies. Spare parts can be a highly profitable business, if correctly run.

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