back to article Micron expects COVID-19-hit Xi'an DRAM factory to reopen as normal soon

Micron expects to resume normal operations at its Chinese DRAM facility in Xi'an later this month despite it being under lock down following a COVID-19 outbreak about two weeks ago. "We do expect to get back to normal sometime later this month," said David Zinsner, chief financial officer at Micron, during a webcast for the JP …

  1. DS999 Silver badge

    You'd think bunny suits

    Would be enough to prevent covid, but I guess they're only wearing those on the fab floor.

  2. Twanky Silver badge

    You'd think...

    Bunny suits... don't give them ideas.

    Yep, the fab plants are famously clean. Cleaner than operating theatre/theater clean - shame about the scrubs rooms. Viruses are slippery bastards, aren't they?

  3. spireite Silver badge

    I read this thinking the French President was wanting to enforce masks in other countries DRAM facilities

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