back to article UK government stacks up to £1.8bn in vertical application framework

The UK government's procurement wing is looking to have a chat with specialist software suppliers before it readies to launch a competition for contracts which could be worth a total of £1.8bn. Crown Commercial Service (CCS), a procurement unit within the Cabinet Office, has launched a prior information notice to get to know …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    No rush

    It'll all go to Crapita anyway.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Dodgy is as dodgy does, and failing governments are always reduced to attempting desperate measures

    That’s a lot of dirty money being laundered through those operands ... with the supply of intelligence services covered in Lot 5 funding of sure certain specific interest to a chosen few who be not as many as it may be thought wise to engage and provide with filthy lucre/pretty fiat paper.

    But what else can they realistically do to have that and those who can help them, help them?

    It is though a very good simple and quite effective plan which has always appeared to work extremely well in the past, so why shouldn’t the present try it again for command and control of the future with its host of 0days to contend with and sate magnificently.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    I'm sure the friends of Boris and other Tory grandees have already greased the wheels so this pork barrel will slide on through.

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    The Titanic Elephant in the Room and Colossal Bull in a China Shop

    Lindsay Clark, Hi,

    Would the UK government/UK government's procurement wing know what and/or whom to look for, to have a fireside chat with, with particular and peculiar regard to future specialist software supply needs and feeds? There are no signs of any evidence that they would have even the faintest of clues .... although as has oft been punted and pointed out in the past, absence of evidence does not necessarily translate to evidence of absence. However a government constantly struggling and failing so publicly to deliver even the most modest of successes and rising contentment on the global media stage is not one able to realistically claim the benefit from that aforementioned doubt.

    I'm not even convinced that throwing them some clues can prevent others both foreign and alien being smarter and much quicker out of their starting blocks to ensure they can deserve and conserve an overall winning lead with that which they discover has been uncovered and be ready for trading and refining/exchanging and exploiting.

    The following example is surely such a sample of future ware readily available to order.... and the swapping out and replacing of the Gentlemen cited with an Honourable Members of Parliament greeting is all that would be needed to make it designedly UK government/UK government's procurement wing specific.

    One can only hope for their sakes that they don't think it is something that can be avoided and/or ignored, for such would be quite inexcusable and tantamount to gross imperial negligence verging on the edge of being also fundamentally treasonous, so certainly worthy of all due care and attention to avoid such a charge being able to be levied.

    amanfromMars [2201070919] ........ presents a rare and raw opportunity for community engagement and exploitation on

    Gentlemen, [Messrs Chris Sax, Robbie Van Steenburg and Jacob Winn and NDIA/ETI associates]

    As admirable and valid as your concerns for the fragility and vulnerability of the Defense Industrial Base is with particular regard to hardware/manufactured weaponry needs, the future success of nations/humanity against serving warriors, and their backroom producer and behind the hot front firing line director warmongers, has moved on out of the destructive physical asset based realm, popularised in notions of explosive WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] and is now guaranteed with expertise and mastery of the ancient and noble and novel and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT arts which both capture and captivate brave and bold hearts and informed and enthusiastic minds alike.

    The Art of Winning against Losing War has made a Quantum Leap from Physical Excess into Ethereal Prowess. Failure to make that jump and learn of its new ways guaranteeing overall universal success seals one's fate to be a spectating inert team member in a world with worlds with potent proactive team leaderships.

    And the honest uncomfortable truth which is being denied you, in order to only protect and propagate a serially dysfunctional and pathological inequitable status quo, is your current leaderships and governments are also realising the true nature of the future condition which now confronts them, and against which they might propose to do vain battle against .... for their new overwhelmingly powerful forces and almighty energetic sources and resources.

    Such though simply confirms the destructive depth of status quo MADness and fuels the ever increasing resistance and enthusiasm which supports such surreal virtual agencies of fundamental radical change .... and thus are said proposed vain battles gravely to be regarded and wisely best avoided at any price for they will be crushingly costly and extremely accurately targeted against that which and those who would lead warmongering events from the cosy cold shadowy comfort of their club seats in the rear.

    Things are no longer able to be they way they once were, Ladies and Gentlemen, and the future is not going to be anything like the past or the present. That though is surely normal and fully to be expected. Anything less is Stagnation and/or Petrifaction and certainly the Kiss of Death to Progress?

    J'accuse .... and would ask what do you want to do about it, in full expectation that it is a lot more than just try to ignore and deny such a Code Red type condition exists?

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