back to article All your database are belong to us: Snowflake named DBMS of the year by DB-Engines

Snowflake, that cloud-only data warehouse much loved by investors, has been named DBMS of the Year for 2021 by tracker site DB-Engines. Once valued at $120bn, Snowflake has not only produced the first software-as-a-service to win the accolade, but it is also the first data-warehouse focused product that makes it into the top …

  1. spireite Silver badge

    I would suggest that if Oracle has led the ranking since the creation of this ranking system, that the phrase 'popularity' is a little looser in defintion.

    I can't think of anyone in my dev circles who would touch it with the proverbial bargepole.

    1. trevorde Silver badge

      Oracle 'popularity'

      Most mentions of Oracle are:

      How can I replace Oracle?

      We're having an Oracle licence audit...

  2. .stu


    I will win next year by naming my database COVID. The online mentions will be through the roof

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Snowflakes

      Common Object Virtual Internet Database

      I can see the PR teams working on their buzzword brochures already :)

  3. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Usual blah, blah

    if you are not stuck in the relational system thinking, and decided to quickly select the database system, it may be a good choice to go with MongoDB especially if developers decide they don't need a database administrator…

    Relation databases are not some kind of ideology but products based on solid mathematical principles. Normalisation, atomicity, referential integrity, etc. solve a lot of problems that are otherwise largely unsolvable. And any database without some kind of administrator is an accident waiting to happen. There may be a market for processing lots of transient data, but it's not a database market.

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