back to article India makes $10B bid to grow local semiconductor industry to serve – and challenge – the world

India has unveiled a $10 billion subsidy scheme designed to lure semiconductor manufacturers to its shores. The India Semiconductor Mission (ISM) targets entities seeking to establish "Silicon Semiconductor Fabs, Display Fabs, Compound Semiconductors/Silicon Photonics/Sensors (including MEMS) Fabs, Semiconductor Packaging ( …

  1. Draco

    Good for them, I wish them success.

    As for whether $10B is sufficient ...

    > "India's subsidies may not buy it a lot. Samsung is spending $17 billion on a single fab in Texas"

    While there is graft in all governments, I am fairly confident it takes fewer dollars to grease the machinery in India than the US and, so, that $10B may be more than sufficient.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Fabs are popping up everywhere

    With all the new fabs that are being planned or being built, there's going to be a glut of processors of all kinds all over the place.

    Prices will drop, and then they'll complain that their immensely expensive fabs aren't making enough money.

    Really, how many fabs was there in 2019 ? I don't kow, but it seems to me that there's going to be double that amount by 2025.

  3. BOFH in Training

    Well, good luck to them

    They need to fix a few small problems first, I think, before they can get a decent modern fab coming to India.

    Namely good power supply, good water supply and corruption issues all over.

    Anyway, you never know, they may get someone interested. Maybe things will be smoother if the underlings are aware that the political higher ups are watching closely in this case.

    1. Dark Eagle

      Re: Well, good luck to them

      As someone who lives here, I can tell you: don't believe it.

      Chances are high that this will be forgotten in few years, only brought up with some honest journalists every now and then.

      In short, it probably won't get off the ground.

      In case I'm proven wrong, I will be delighted.

      1. BOFH in Training

        Re: Well, good luck to them

        I have visited / worked in India a few times, so am somewhat familiar with how things are.

        I was trying to be positive ;)

    2. Mike 16

      Re: Well, good luck to them

      Power? Water? Corruption?

      Were we talking about India, or Texas?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I think this is hilarious.

    For over a decade, everyone has been outsourcing the work to Asia so China can build out their fabs for cheap, now the whole world is waking up and realizing that doing so was a really dumb thing to do, because all their eggs are now in one or two baskets under control of "The Enemy." (*LOL*)

    Now all the fab and tech companies want the governments of the world to pay them again to rebuild the fabs locally that they already paid to have built in China...

  5. man_iii

    Fabless in India

    Pentium4 dumpster fire was supposedly done from Bangalore back in the day until Israelis took over the intel Core designs.

    DONOT trust indian politicians to be better than private companies at delivering a product or at cost or even a working prototype. A private contractor planning on export will spend probably all the initial investment getting bribes to loony politicians and govt workers who continue to milk the broken system. You WONT get clean water or reliable electricity or raw materials or clean air or ever stop giving bribes. Sad sad reality where bribing has become normal for people to ask for and get given for granted.

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