back to article Oh no, here we go again, groans the internet as AWS runs into IT problems. Briefly this time

Amazon Web Services gave everyone a scare today as it once again suffered a partial IT breakdown, briefly taking down a chunk of the web with it. If you found you were unable to use your favorite website or app for a moment today, this may have been why. Many feared another full-on AWS outage, as we saw earlier this month, was …

  1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    Something, something, eggs, some, baskets

    I'm sure I once heard something about eggs and baskets from a relative a couple of generations older than me.

    AWS might not be all one basket, but clearly a few very large baskets is worse than many small baskets in terms of resilience, if not costs.

    1. Chronos

      Re: Something, something, eggs, some, baskets

      There's probably something to be said for not putting all your bits in one bucket. It tends to make one's April go tanner-half crown when it all goes mams vertical and you can't get onto the status page.

      Of course, given the cyclic nature of this here industry wot we are in, someone is bound to come up with a new, snazzy name for hybrid on/off-prem infra, something like synergistic cache, for which you'll not only pay for the hardware, leccy and bandwidth but also a fee for the privilege of using what amounts to a blinged-up squid proxy, albeit one that reports back to base with not only stuff that was missed while the tubes were clogged/down/DNSless/serving the CEO downloading the entire box set of Outlander but also "telemetry."

      Ain't life wonderful? May you live in interesting times.

  2. ronkee

    Growing pains?

    Now would be the time for emergent unstable behaviour in massive distributed systems.

    Capacity might be there but the network might be brittle.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Technical debt, exhibit A

    AWS is starting to approach Microsoft levels of technical debt, due to just layering on new features and services on an increasingly clunky code base (java, java, everywhere).

    Internal build systems are often in a degraded state with insufficient capacity. Shoemaker's children and all that.

    Duct tape and string, the lot.

    AC for obvious reasons.

  4. elsergiovolador Silver badge

    The cloud

    So people try to diversify the services their businesses depend on, only to learn all those different services use AWS as their infrastructure.

    Seems like the cloud is no longer fit for purpose.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    I assume

    Bezos is cutting each of those affected a check to compensate for the disruption.

    What? He's not? What could be a more important use of funds.

    Oh. I forgot. That penis shaped thingy.

    1. Chronos

      Re: I assume

      Who, Jeff? Yes, I suppose that is where all the money goes.

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