The end of POTS and the dangers it brings

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  1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    The end of POTS and the dangers it brings

    We've all known about the end of POTS coming and the inherent dangers in users ability to make phone calls during power outages.

    Finally, proper outside the the IT and Comms industries are sitting up and taking note. The Beeb have a done a decent article on it here

    Maybe it's time for El Reg to do an updated article on the subject too?

  2. jake Silver badge

    Living in Earthquake country, I've been bitching about this for years.

    Everybody poo-poos the concept (because cell phones).

    When I point out the obvious (that batteries are charged by the mains), they say that they'll recharge in the car.

    When I say "I'm not talking about your end of the cellular connection, I'm talking about the cell towers, the vast majority of which have no backup power" they just stare blankly.

    Needless to say, I still have POTS connections.

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