back to article Big Tech's private networks and protocols threaten the 'net, say internet registries

The internet remains resilient, and its underlying protocols and technologies dominate global networking – but its relevance may be challenged by the increasing amount of traffic carried on private networks run by Big Tech, or rules imposed by governments. So says a Study on the Internet's Technical Success Factors …

  1. Primus Secundus Tertius Silver badge


    The so-called Splinternet is a real possibility, because some national authorities insist on censorship for political or religious reasons. Then there are the commercial interests discussed in this article.

    The Old Internet was a tribute to American and academic idealism, But few others share those ideals.

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: Splinternet

      I'm not even sure that American and academic idealism survives now.

  2. Yes Me Silver badge


    The thing about the Internet Governance Forum is that it doesn't govern the Internet. Apparently it runs quite pleasant meetings, even during a pandemic.

    1. hayzoos

      Re: Yawn

      Strict adherence to each and every rule is not the Internet governance model. Some of the rules must be strictly adhered to, but others are merely suggestions. The ability to quickly route around points of failure requires some flexibility and at times non-traditional thinking. A network of networks with multiple points of connections interspersed with no specific pattern is also necessary for resiliency. There has to be agreement to the protocols and which are strict and which are loose.

      The current trend as noted in the article is eliminating some of the necessary elements of resiliency. A relatively small group of commercial interests making up their own rules and being sole providers of significant portions of the network are setting up single points of failure which cannot be routed around.

      The Internet should be likened to a herd of cats. By any individual cat's behavior the herd should not exist. Nor does it seem possible to exert an effort to create such a herd by external influence using traditional herding means successful with other creatures. But there does exist the cat ladies of the world who are able to maintain herds of cats.

  3. Panicnow

    QoS is a bad idea!

    QoS is totally at odds to the fundamentals of the Internet! As soon as you put one layer's features(transport) into the wrong layer(Netowork), consequences multiply. This is WHY QoS has never been successfully deployed on the Internet.

    In addition, as soon as one has QoS, network operators have a reason to UNDERPROVISION network capacity in order to extort premiums for High QoS services.

    My hope is QoS NEVER sees the light of day on the Internet!

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