back to article We've only gone and got our hands on an early preview of Fleet, the forthcoming JetBrains IDE

Our first look at Fleet, the new JetBrains core editor and IDE, shows the promise of a minimalist design and an architecture that has collaboration and remote development in mind – but there are plenty of rough edges in the preview. Debugging a Java application in Fleet Debugging a Java application in Fleet Fleet is …

  1. sorry, what?

    Command Palette? Argh!

    The feature of VSCode I hate the most is the command palette.

    Commands are less discoverable and figuring out which commands are related can be a nightmare like trying to find the right words to use in an Internet search.

    I love IDEA's menus, toolbars and most specifically key binding features for their discoverability and the opportunity to lift out what you do most often for convenient use.

    1. K

      Re: Command Palette? Argh!

      Got to agree here.. I use VSCode as a general text editor, Python IDE, Docker IDE and K8S IDE... and I rarely ever use the command palette, it's like look for a needle in a haystack... I'd rather have a yucky tabbed ribbon bar, than I can at least put short cuts in...

      And whilst hot keys are great... They also suck when you have large volumes of them!

    2. Someone Else Silver badge

      @sorry, what? -- Re: Command Palette? Argh!

      From your comments, I have the feeling you're a (somewhat? slightly?) grizzled code flinger that produces actual, working code -- as opposed to some newly-minted Millennial marketing droid with an attention deficit.

      1. sorry, what?

        Re: @sorry, what? -- Command Palette? Argh!

        @Someone Else, grizzled is an appropriate term, sadly.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cool. They're finally coming out with some features that you can't get for free with Netbeans 12.x. :)

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