back to article India reveals home-grown server that won't worry the leading edge

India's government has revealed a home-grown server design that is unlikely to threaten the pacesetters of high tech, but (it hopes) will attract domestic buyers and manufacturers and help to kickstart the nation's hardware industry. The "Rudra" design is a two-socket server that can run Intel's Cascade Lake Xeons. The …

  1. ShadowSystems

    I misparsed "BaaS"...

    I thought you were talking about sheep. I assumed that ewe had pulled the wool over my eyes & rammed the joke down my throat, but then the article made it clear & I'll accept that my goat has been had. Rather than let these puns continue, I'm a fraid knot that I'll cap this off with something more fitting to the article...

    Ok ok, I kidd, I kidd. I'll get my coat, it's the one with the pockets full of grains...

    1. molletts

      Re: I misparsed "BaaS"...

      I read it correctly (and even guessed what it stood for correctly) and immediately began wondering whether the Regism for users of Blockchain-as-a-Service will be BaaStards.

  2. Ian Johnston Silver badge

    What's the point of a distributed ledger run by a single organisation?

    1. Flywheel

      More jobs!

    2. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

      It's a large organisation...

  3. HandleAlreadyTaken


    Is this bullshit as a service? If so, there's plenty of prior art...

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