back to article Graviton 3: AWS attempts to gain silicon advantage with latest custom hardware

AWS had a conviction that "modern processors were not well optimized for modern workloads," the cloud corp's senior veep of Infrastructure, Peter DeSantis, claimed at its latest annual Re:invent gathering in Las Vegas. DeSantis was speaking last week about AWS's Graviton 3 Arm-based processor, providing a bit more meat around …

  1. Bitsminer Bronze badge

    a challenge for x86 chip vendors

    AWS compare against their previous generation, as does almost everyone else. Unless it's a fake comparison (hello Intel).

    But we need competitive benchmarks. Is anyone posting SPEC benchmark results? Or anything?

    And, is posting benchmark results even permitted by their TOS?

    1. EnviableOne Silver badge

      Re: a challenge for x86 chip vendors

      The problem is no one outside $CloudVendor has access to their Chips.

      that's at least until they start selling them as hardware, which wont happen, as they are growing quicker than they can get them made

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