back to article China to upgrade mainstream RISC-V chips every six months

China is gut punching Moore's Law and the roughly one-year cadence for major chip releases adopted by the Intel, AMD, Nvidia and others. The government-backed Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is developing open-source RISC-V performance processor, says it will release major design upgrades every six months. CAS is hoping …

  1. ForthIsNotDead
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    Very interesting

    The critical thing for adoption in the west will be the quality of (English) documentation. Let's hope silly political jealousy is left out of the conversation and the product is simply judged on its technical merits.

    1. Markh2016

      Re: Very interesting

      Couldn't agree with you more !!

      If only some were interested is more the point and how different would this be then

      Sad to think that before them is the one single opportunity to combine talent , learning and development yet so many lies , so much distrust and so much abuse in every country

      What a great shame we don't have what most elect and appoint as supposedly people whom you can trust top or bottom and how little do they ever pay regard or listen to anyone at all

      Is it any great surprise that society has become what it is now and yet there sint one who could ever think about the real benefits of true knowledge and how to use without causing the anguish and suffering that always seem to achieve rather than utilise this to benefit and create professionals

      Its seems to me that the ideology is not about wanting to learn to achieve but rather how to use to destroy rather than create

  2. Markh2016


    This is why countries like China are winning with embedded devices

    Largely due to the fact that they do not adopt the approach of attempting to control the market place by imposing restrictions via liscence fees and other enormous charges on people who can develop and write software The US should take lesson from this and realise they can no longer afford to levi such charges or attempt to restrict developments as they currently do

    1. itsborken

      Re: RiskV

      Yes, IP is such a bother -- providing payment for other people's hard work and investments. Those patents are so problematic. Much better to outright steal IP or tack on onerous terms to do business in China.

      1. Tom 7

        Re: RiskV

        No need to steal if its open source and given way freely.

      2. Arthur the cat Silver badge

        Re: RiskV

        Yes, IP is such a bother -- providing payment for other people's hard work and investments. Those patents are so problematic. Much better to outright steal IP

        Which was exactly what the US government encouraged its industrialists to do with British IP in the 18th and 19th centuries. What goes around, comes around, and bites you.

        1. Markh2016

          Re: RiskV

          Wow !!

          Or is it meow ?

          i wonder which one in your case ?

          I think if people weren't so negative there would be so much they could learn What a great shame you think like this China is no more dangerous with regards this as is England or any other country It really depends on whom you invite , what you invite and how you eliminate those whom are only ever going to cause harm and grief for all

          PS have you read any of the news of late regards Facebook , whats app , linked in , twitter etc as if you did you would very clearly see just how very little thought or consideration for anyone's safety they used at all never mind your own governments or supposed people whom you elect with such undeniable trust

          Thank god we don't all think alike but prefer to consider those in charge of such networks and leadership rather than adopt a completely negative approach being somewhat brainwashed with all they suggest

          As Ive often stated if your going to abuse power or do something negative with power then irrespective or who or where and what your origin is you will regardless

          Perhaps then view your own selected leadership and possibly consider that most of that unrest lies wit h your own decision making on whom you placed into these positions in the first instance

        2. Markh2016

          Re: RiskV

          I do know of many such aspects which to me would be vastly important whilst perhaps to you not and that is Id love to know and have the know how they have

          That much I can tell you and oh can they make you look silly in pico seconds

          That to me is some thing worth knowing especially with what I've seen to date both US / UK in many an industry not just IT , embedded . electronic , electrical and IOT , networking , power generation etc

          There are not to many of us don't know this having worked in quite a number of interrelated Industries while just watching the general attitudes with some inclusive management and senior officials approved , non approved supposed signed papyrus paper , scrolls

          What an international joke this has become

  3. Markh2016

    RiskV and education

    This also proves yet another major point in both the UK and US which is that enormous charges for education and demands for license fees

    whilst they also want and need developers as they always claim is only ever a factor which leads to both decline of a nation and its workforce

    Equally proved with China's massive advancement on all fronts regarding developments in fields of engineering

  4. Markh2016

    Development in countries

    The other important point you can't help but ever notice is that China does not sit arguing amongst themselves within government departments as does the UK and US

    Far from this as a country they work in unity with regards to the making and forwarding of Industry to ensure its population's are proffesionals

    Now compare this to policies imposed with costs by US and UK officials both in Industry and in political circles surrounding education and development in fields of Industry and you only ever notice western leaders bickering argueing over issues vastly unimportant and stifling Industry with its population's apart from perhaps a very small few

  5. 3arn0wl

    Nice to see open source CAS designs giving SiFive IP some competition!

    Was there any disclosure about the deployment of the Yankhi chip? Are we likely to see a SBC?

  6. martinusher Silver badge

    Commerce always finds a way

    I've been watching the US try to control the global market for technology for over 40 years and its always been an ultimate failure. We really should have put the effort into developing technologies rather than letting others do the work and expecting to just profit from their efforts. But then our educational system favors lawyers, people who know how to use laser printers even if they don't know how to make one.

    You'd have thought from the ongoing War On Drugs (TM) that they'd have learned a lesson by now. Most drugs are useless and many damage society but there's profit to be made making and selling them so despite an ongoing effort, billions upon billions spent and significant social dislocation both at home and abroad the trade still flourishes. Semiconductors are, weight for weight, far more valuable than drugs and they're actually useful. I don't know how any sain politician expects to contain them just by their tamping of fee or waving of fists. People don't like to be intimidated as well -- they might put up with it but they're not going to endure it for ever.

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