back to article Singaporean superapp Grab IPOs – badly – and promises to focus on maps and money

Singaporean superapp Grab has signaled an intention to further its digital banking segment and beef up its mapping tech to improve its ride-hailing services, after an underwhelming debut on the NASDAQ stock exchange. In an interview on the sidelines of the US market opening yesterday, Grab CEO Anthony Tan told Nikkei Asia that …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have read some fucking shite in my time but

    this is magnificent in it's bollocks

    'Why do we want to go out when everyone's trying to come into Southeast Asia?'" Everyone but me perhaps. So, a fail.

    And then there is this...

    "If we can build the most efficient, lowest cost, on-demand delivery network across all Southeast Asia, that will help a lot of MSMEs (micro, small, medium enterprises) rise. We believe we are building the financial core infrastructure of the future, such as digital banking.

    [This] will help other people rise, help all MSMEs rise. That, to me, is a very exciting, huge opportunity. And by building a core infrastructure, we will rise with Southeast Asia".

    That statement is utter junk. Stripped of it's marketing bollocks, it means, you are a clueless twat trying to build on dreams.. You are not building anything meaningful. See Theranos for how well your bullshit will work out

    1. thejoelr

      Re: I have read some fucking shite in my time but

      I used Grab 3 times today. This is an app that is very much live and in massive use. Just this week they announced I can use the app to send goods/services to anyone in 200 cities, so I can send friends foods and gifts with immediate delivery. I have the delivery driver's info and can track them on a map. The maps here are already quite good.. they tend to fail in areas where Google also fails. They certainly connect me to restaurants and items I would rarely ever make the trek to go get or even know existed. These are the MSME's they support. It also means I can always get a taxi to get my ass home even in the remotest areas in the earliest hours of the morning, and my driver and GPS are tracked unlike some scary Taxis I have been in. They've boomed during Covid, but in SEA the way we do things now involves these apps and many many more digital transactions. This will not change if Covid disappears. it's a good investment.

  2. Tempest

    GRAB - Another Word for Bad Motorcycle Drivers in VietNam

    In VietNam, until Grab arrived, the biggest danger on Vietnamese city roads were Vinasun taxis. Now, with Grab, there are two identifiable road hazards.

    The Grab formula ís simple. Recruit youthful drivers with a smartphone, and give them an App and away they go.

    Grab seems to be very lax when it comes to security since a person dressed in a Grab uniform may be wearing a company issued product OR it might have been bought from an on-line clothing sales company.

    1. thejoelr

      Re: GRAB - Another Word for Bad Motorcycle Drivers in VietNam

      Vietnam's grab doesn't include driver names/pics/license #s/vehicle decriptions? When I was in Vietnam Vinasun was quite useful, green taxis right? Those I just hailed, but Grab here works more like Uber in that you order it vs hail it.

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