back to article European Cybercrime Centre confident it's kicked credit card crims – again

The European Cybercrime Centre has again acted against credit card fraud and is poised to reveal success on a similar scale to its 2020 campaign that prevented €40 million of losses. Jorge Rosal Cosano, a team leader at the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), today told CyberCrimeCon 21 – an event convened by threat-hunting and …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    A little ironic?

    "letting JavaScript sniffers and other tools loose on e-commerce providers to detect those whose systems are open to attack"

    Since javascript is the primary vector for card data exfiltration on the client side, this might not be an optimal solution. Minimisation of the use of scripts (i.e. doing everything related to card transactions server side) would help, plus mandatory pen testing after implementation and after any and every change.

    1. W.S.Gosset

      Re: poacher turned gamekeeper

      "bloater turned gatekeeper" ?

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    Oh, I know this one.

    Another very 2021 attack is phishing that fakes messages from parcel delivery firms.

    Also very 2020, 2019, 2018........2000.... etc.

    The way it works is that the "customer" gets an email about a parcel being delivered by ${courier}. Despite the fact that they aren't expecting anything from ${courier} and have never used ${courier} they click through to find a form requiring additional information to expedite their delivery. At this point they gleefully forget that they'd never heard of their use of ${courier} until 20 seconds ago and fill in name, address, bank details, credit card, inside leg measurement etc ad nauseum.

    A few days later, when said non-existent parcel fails to turn up, they phone the customer services department of ${courier} to complain about the shit service. Seriously. People this monumentally stupid really do exist in vast numbers. They get quite upset when told that actually they have just given the contents of their bank account to some shitstain in Eastern Europe.

    Right. So. Can anyone guess what, after that explanation, is the most common question asked by the "customer"? It is: "Ok, I understand all that, but where is my parcel?".

    Like I said, monumentally stupid.

    1. Eclectic Man Silver badge

      Re: Oh, I know this one.

      Not just - "you have a parcel waiting collection / delivery".

      In the past few weeks I have had texts from, purportedly Nationwide Building Society and Santander claiming they have noticed 'some unusual activity' on my account. Strangely the address of the web site where I am supposed to log in to check with them, starts off with the name of the institution, but then goes a bit 'random' after a full stop, rather than "/". So I checked by phone and lo and behold! They denied sending me the texts!

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