back to article Qualcomm makes its own mobile gaming rig, hypes new Windows 11 chips

Qualcomm needs just one word to take on the mighty in the gaming and PC markets: 5G. Qualy has created a new handheld gaming console and introduced new Windows PC chips as it unloads 5G on every imaginable device. The new handheld rig, called G3x Handheld Developer Kit, was created by Qualcomm with Razer. The device smartly …

  1. goldcd

    Can we all out 5G as BS yet?

    *not* for the technology itself - but for the increasingly insane and ever more obviously ridiculous edge cases, such as this.


    You can plug your VR headet (you probably don't have) into this device (rather than the high-end PC you have if you did have a headset), and it can use the near non-existent, blocked by a leaf, mm5G to connect you to the *acutally* non-exsistent edge-GPU compute, to allow you to stream a VR experience that doesn't exist.

    As a though experiment, imagine how much you'd pay per month/minute for the above - the number you're thinking of, isn't enough to make it nearly happen.

    I'm old enough to remember the excitement of 3G video calls - which cost some ridiculouus price per minute and even once we'd both bought 'high-end phones' barely worked and were flakey-a-f cross-network.

    But at least with 3G, there was a real sunny-day scenario demo that was 'real'

    *nobody* wants their mobile operator to be anything over than a big dumb pipe, that gets faster and cheaper.

    1. DS999 Silver badge

      Re: Can we all out 5G as BS yet?

      They desperately need to find use cases for 5G, since for the overwhelming majority of use cases the speed you can get with uncongested LTE is more than good enough. Sure, the speed of LTE when you are far from the tower and have only one bar isn't so great, but 5G does exactly zero to improve upon that - because LTE is already operating pretty near the Shannon Limit. 5G is only faster when you can get access to much wider swathes of spectrum (and also because there are fewer 5G users than LTE users so it is less congested, at least for now)

      1. prismatics

        Re: Can we all out 5G as BS yet?

        The Shannon limit applies to point-to-point channels, it does not regard MU-MIMO scenarios with beamforming, and this is where 5G is supposed to shine and should increase cell capacity by an order of magnitude.

        1. DS999 Silver badge

          Re: Can we all out 5G as BS yet?

          If they install more complex antennas yes they can get that benefit, but those are a lot more costly so they are only installed in areas with a lot of congestion. LTE supports this as well just not to the same degree, so the main benefit is in places with 1) a lot of congestion 2) an inability to install more towers. So if you live where there are a lot of NIMBYs preventing cell towers going up I guess 5G is a good thing for you, if your carrier is willing to install a more costly antenna.

          1. prismatics

            Re: Can we all out 5G as BS yet?

            Exactly. So you have shown to yourself that there is indeed a difference.

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