back to article VMware waiting for Tanzu take-off, tops guidance as customers kick tyres

VMware has posted another quarter of strong financial results and revealed that industry players have started to discuss new possibilities now that the company is not part of Dell. Revenue for the third quarter was $3.19 billion, an increase of 11 per cent year on year and ahead of the forecast $3.12 billion. Subscription and …

  1. K

    The problem is...

    They're getting little interest directly from DevOps teams, they will also lean to GCP and AWS as they have control over the core environment, no pesky IT, Network or Server teams to answer, and outside of that, general IT teams are yet to discover Kubernetes (it's CNCF own fault, they market it as "For Devs").

    VMWare may find a small market amongst small shops and hobbyists with their community edition, but they are competing with Rancher, who pretty much own that.

    VMWare could do something drastic, like give some of that NSX and security to Open Source, along with with good management tools.

    That'll increase their street cred and live-in, as L3 network security is notoriously time consuming, difficult and hard to implement in K8S.. tools for these seem to keep getting hoovered up by PA and Cisco et al - I'm just waiting for them to buy Calico and Cilium, that will effectively drain the OSS offerings.

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