back to article Hyperconverged infrastructure provider Nutanix reports bigger loss than turnover

Hyperconverged infrastructure software outfit Nutanix has almost, but not quite, stopped burning cash as its cash flow neared positivity in its latest set of results. Back in September CEO, Rajiv Ramaswami told The Register that cash flow positivity was within reach, and last night's set of figures for the company's Q1 FY2022 …

  1. Peter D Bronze badge

    A way with words

    Does anyone know what hyperconverged means? The best I can come up with is more met than normal which leaves me none the wiser.

    1. Peter-Waterman1

      Re: A way with words

      It’s Hyperconverged infrastructure in a hybrid multi-cloud setup. Phew…

    2. Martin-R

      Re: A way with words

      Putting all your eggs in one basket?

    3. seven of five

      Re: A way with words

      having server, switch and storage in the same chassis -> blade center.

      And it is cloud when you install it in somebody elses datacentre, giving management away.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: A way with words

      It's supposed to mean that the virtual machine hosts also host some form of smart storage so that they get fast local access AND if a machine migrates it can use the local copy on the new host.

      (Every option I looked at on vmware went commercial and priced itself out of my range)

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