back to article Microsoft previews Azure App Service Automatic Scaling, for when defining your own rules is too much like hard work

Microsoft has rolled out an early preview of Azure App Service Automatic Scaling – a handy tool, assuming Azure hasn't hit capacity once again. The Automatic Scaling feature is designed to do away with all the pesky rules and schedules of Azure's existing Autoscale feature in favour of something managed by the platform itself …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh please, nobody's running this in production. This is one of them features delivered to allow you to tick a box on an RFP written by a smart arse architect who has no intention of using the platform they are procuring.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Indeed. You do you own HA; your own scaling; you test it all as best you can to make sure it bloody well works when needed.

      1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        The billions that are being made in cloud revenue mean that, no, you don't do your own scaling any more.

        Personally, I can't imagine why a company, let alone a bank, would want to put its most confidential data in the hands of a third party, but here we are.

        And I hate it.

  2. IamAProton

    Like everything else, the AppServices have some use cases...

    ...but in my opinion they exist just to give the ability to anybody to deploy webapplications (hence the free tiers). Once they are hooked up to the azure thing they will start adding more 'billable' things to their subscriptions.

    A mismanaged azure subscription means a lot of $$ for MS.

    These things are the new Excel/MsAcces: everybody is a sysadmin now

    I have to admit that they make a lot of sense for MS, much less for customers if they can do basic math: in the project I'm working we are moving away entirely from appservices (several plans, about 100 apps between various environments) because they are clunky to manage and they cost more than VMs for the same (often worse) performances and you can't run anything else on them.

  3. Fabrizio

    What could possibly go wrong...

    For Microsoft? Nothing!

    For customers, you ask??? Nothing! (except being out of a ton of €€€ next billing cycle...)

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