back to article Wouldn't it be nice not to duplicate data in a multicloud world? Storage supplier Dell certainly thinks so

As Dell launches its latest self-commissioned study, UK senior veep and GM Dayne Turbitt is highlighting storage as one of the challenges faced by an increasingly multicloud world. In a briefing with The Reg, Turbitt talked about the state of the local tech landscape, notably cybersecurity and the skills gap, before moving on …

  1. steelpillow Silver badge

    How hard can it be

    "Have you backed up your data?"

    "You mean duplicated it in a safe place? Check!"

    "Have you de-duped the cloud and rewired the service topology?"

    "You mean one database to rule them all? Check!"


    Three hours and one service failure later:

    "Erm, you didn't back up to the cloud did you?"

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