back to article Ready, player anyone? China's gaming ban left cloud providers looking for someone to play with

China's decision to limit minors to three hours of gaming each week has proven problematic for the nation's clouds, which find themselves with unused capacity. So said Steve Brazier, CEO of channel-centric analyst firm Canalys, at the company's Asia-Pacific Forum "25 to 30 per cent of Chinese cloud capacity was for gaming," …

  1. LordHighFixer

    Making every other coutry

    Look at its laws and as itself "Hey, can we do that?"

    Can you imagine how peaceful the net would suddenly become if we could limit the muppets to 3 hrs a week.

    1. Blackjack Silver badge

      Re: Making every other coutry

      Eh... kids would just use offline games.

    2. Snowy Silver badge

      Re: Making every other coutry

      Depending on the definition of "Muppet" going to be very empty, but why stop at 3hrs if your the wrong kind of Muppet you do not get to use the net at all.

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