back to article Veeam reveals cloud storage use patterns: Azure and AWS for bulk, IBM has ardent fans, Google has … not much

Data management software vendor Veeam has offered a snapshot (pardon the pun) of how its customers put different public clouds to work. Senior vice president Anton Gostev's weekly missive to the Veeam community yesterday detailed how the November 2020 version 10 release of the vendor's software changed customer behaviour. …

  1. Fred Daggy Silver badge

    1.8 PB? Just how much big was their pr0n stash? And why the need to back it up?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      They must be into old p0rn movies with "plots" and dialog that take up more space than TikTok clips.

      Old school is slow school.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      The Word from Gostev

      Have you seen just how much space a fully tooled up Share Point or two takes up? Shovel in some insanely large Exchange and Outlook .PST and .OST (multiple copies please - just in case)

      Oh look SQL. Right we'll need backups of the tables and tran. logs and a few extra copies of all the tables for each minor version point since the early 2000s and for whenever a single row of data is input.

      And you'll have several copies of every single photo taken by the organisation, massive wodges of video. Plus every scan made by every MFP since the dawn of time.

      Each major data area will also have a copy (just in case) and one or more mistaken and mostly partial drag and drop copies in several other locations.

      Multiple duplicate shortcuts will take up at least 1Gb on their own.

      Then, there's the pr0n ...

  2. drewatwasabi
    Thumb Up

    Don't forget Wasabi!

    Don't forget the callout for Wasabi in the same email newsletter -- "What about S3-compatible cloud object storage? Wasabi remained the absolute and clear leader here just like it was last year, with no one coming even close. They are also in the top 3 most used cloud object storage overall, together with Amazon and Azure..."

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