back to article UK aims for 'openness and fairness' in its AI Strategy – unless we're talking about favoured contractors

It has been more than a month since the launch of the UK government's AI Strategy which, the authors said, "represents the start of a step-change for AI in the UK," and The Register, for one, has not forgotten. While the strategy promises to "embed" supposed British values such as fairness and "openness" in the development and …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Urgently Wanted ... for the UKGBNI .... Practically Virtual Leadership for a Downing Street Office

    "Faculty is a highly experienced AI specialist ... "

    WTF???? ..... a highly experienced AI specialist in a field of specialist endeavour still virtually in the womb?

    Does anybody but a prime fool fall lock, stock and barrel for that sort of ripe BS ‽ .

    1. Al fazed Bronze badge

      Re: Urgently Wanted ... for Downing Street Office

      Yes, of course they do, 'cos if you don't use those exact words, your opinion won't be counted.........AI aye aye aye,

      "Having exited the EU, we have the opportunity to build on our world-leading regulatory regime", and we all have enough experience of this day to day to know for sure it's fucking hogwash, greenwash, sleazewash, ITwash........


      I've got me coat and I'm heading for Alpha Centauri......

  2. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Free for all

    Surely "openness and fairness" means that any company or individual will be able to offer inducements to those officials making commercial decisions. Not just, as at present, those entities that are friends of government ministers?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Free for all

      no, no... 'friends of government ministers' are trusted because they know them personally from regular meetings at Ascot, Wimbledon, the FA Cup final and holiday villas in the Med... after all, they have the minister's private mobile number and personal Gmail account, so what more proof do you need than that

      1. Al fazed Bronze badge

        Re: Free for all's list of attendees from UK at Formual 1 held in Brazil 2021, during COVID Lockdown, would be good for public consumption, who was onboard those 30,000 private flights out of one fucking UK airport,....and the introduction to UK of Brazillian COVID

        Very transparent...........not very Intelligent, dickheads...


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hypocrisy rules ok, uk

    particularly 'ironic', when the PM publicly dodges press questions in Glasgow, and finally comes up with a hilarious statement that no, UK is not a corrupt country, nosir, any further questions? This, having tried, with his pals, in broad daylight, to change the rules that punished the corrupted, and, after several clear cases of his own political corruption, and his closest gov pals. Gaspadin Putin 'likes' PM's statement to the press!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Hypocrisy rules ok, uk

      Also ironic that he 'missed' the 'corruption' debate because it started at 4pm and he was on a train from Glasgow at the time

      The train arrived at King's Cross at 5pm!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Hypocrisy rules ok, uk

        well, the Prime Minister is very, VERY sorry about this unfortunate coincidence!

        But hey, it's not the first time he runs away from uncomfortable and 'awkward' situations, eh. Not the second time either. Or the third. Or...

        So VOTE FOR BORIS folks! Best bet to make Great Britain even 'Grater'. YEARS of proven track record, etc.

        1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

          Re: Hypocrisy rules ok, uk

          Like hiding in a fridge to avoid questions he could not answer without revealing is shallowness and incompetence?

      2. Al fazed Bronze badge

        Re: Hypocrisy rules ok, uk

        Just shows what AI can do when the world's future is at stake, no worries...........UK has amazing trains, yer know.....


  4. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "extensive guidance on how firms can use the technology ethically and transparently"

    Yes, we got it : private industry, not government.

    The government governs, dammit, transparency is for the underlings.

    1. Al fazed Bronze badge
      IT Angle

      Re: "extensive guidance on how firms can use the technology ethically and transparently"

      Aritificial Intelligence for everyone, yahey, rolled out by Microshite, you'll need a MACBroke and 6G broadband, yeah, inclusivity brought to you by AI, yeah..

      Fork Off


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