back to article Philippines gov takes down passport application website amid privacy leak fears

The Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has disabled its online passport application tracker, citing a "data privacy issue" and hinting that information could have leaked. "The DFA's IT Unit is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this issue and is taking appropriate measures to secure the data …

  1. thejoelr

    just the norm.

    First, even the link says rappler. rappler.

    This is hardly the first major data leaked from ph govt websites. It is essentially an issue of government employees not being paid market rates, like is very common globally. Also, they haven't done some things like just centralize resources on government websites. Most citizens' personal data leaked a while back when voter registration details were exposed. I know the guys running the sites are probably doing their best, but yeah, it is way too common.

    As far as the national ID, online registration isn't very widespread. The goal is to get ID to everyone in the country, and a lot of those are old people and not tech literate or just aren't going to do web forms. They are mostly involving local governments to motivate people.

    Thinking about it though, I think most of the data you actually give for the passport registration online has already been leaked in hacks of big tech type sites.

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