back to article Like nuclear fusion, funding of IT on the basis of revenue generation is just around the corner, Gartner says

EMEA – that zone of planet Earth existing only in the heads of business executives – is set to see total IT spending hit $1.3tn in 2022, up 4.7 per cent from 2021, according to Gartner. Growth in spending is set to slow compared with 2021's forecast, when EMEA IT spending is estimated to grow by 6.3 per cent. Remote work was …

  1. Little Mouse


    "digitally transform their value proposition"

    I just asked my boss if we'd done this. He told me not take the piss.

  2. elsergiovolador Silver badge

    Trickle down or trick me

    We see all these huge numbers, the spending craze...

    But where do the monies go?

    Certainly not to the people who do the most work. Not only that, but those people bear the cost of tax avoidance of companies they work for.

    Politicians lobbied by big tech still "believe" in proxy taxation. They think if the corporations won't pay tax, then they will get the money from their workers.

    The problem is that even if they taxed all workers at 100% they will still recover only a mere fraction of what those corporations should actually be paying.

    Why is that the workers actually tolerate this corrupt system that essentially robs them?

    Typical response:

    "Oh you make more than average, so you are just a tw@ with your stupid complaints".

  3. batfink

    I'm not sure this makes sense from an ops point of view

    This might be ok for Development projects, but how does this translate into the cost of doing production support? It might be ok if a company is doing proper DevOps where the cost can be associated with a product/service, but in my experience most places are doing Dev and Ops, and Dev fuck-ups mean more Ops costs, which are never formally recognised and/or charged back to the product/service in question.

    And never mind the open-ended costs associated with Agile...


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