back to article Freshworks trains sights on startup market as it puzzles over enterprise conundrum

SaaS newcomer Freshworks – said to be challenging Salesforce and ServiceNow – has launched a package aimed at startups and new IT helpdesk tech but is still struggling to get to grips with the enterprise food chain in its IPO year. Consumer-like user experience, relatively cheap prices, and a modern tech stack notwithstanding …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "accelerate implementation by eschewing customisation"

    So it's basically their way or the highway.

    For small businesses who are starting to grow, such limitations can be quite acceptable, but once the business has grown into generating millions per month, I think that Freshworks is going to find that its abilities are no longer enough and the larger clients will migrate to something more customizable.

    Which shouldn't really be a problem for Freshworks, since there's always more little businesses to service.

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