back to article Here's a couple who deserve each other: Facebook links Workplace enterprise offering to Microsoft Teams

Meta, the brand donned by Facebook to launder its past, has expanded its partnership with Microsoft to integrate the Microsoft Teams communications app into its Workplace enterprise social software. Introduced in 2016 by Facebook as a way to expand beyond algorithmic provocation into the recurring revenue of business service …

  1. Khaptain Silver badge

    Facebook and Teams

    Facebook , WhatsApp and it's ilk are already excluded at the firewall level.

    I will easily be the loudest voice in the company arguing against bringing anything to do with Facebook into our company.

    Please MS, just bin this idea unless you want to see Teams also banned.

  2. gryphon

    My company insists on using Workplace for no great reason that I can see. Teams is bad enough.

    I actively avoid it if for no other reason that it's run by Facebook.

    Tried it a couple of times but people keep posting unnecessary photos and videos in the channels? which really slows things down.

    My view is if something is important then send it via e-mail so I can easily search for the damn thing in my mail client without having to jump out to yet another external service, which of course requires MFA so wastes yet more time while I open the code app.

    However it's always "We've put all the information on Workplace, check it out". No thanks. !!

    1. Ken G Silver badge

      "Teams is bad enough"

      Microsoft say "Hold my beer!" as they rush to prove there is no such thing as "enough".

  3. Roger Greenwood

    Since being a small child...

    I was always told two wrongs don't make a right, yet here we are.....

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