back to article AMD tries to spoil Nvidia's week by teasing high-end accelerators, Epyc chips with 3D L3 cache, and more

AMD teased a bunch of enterprise-class developments today, from claiming the AI and HPC accelerator crown to word of 3D-stacked cache, all perhaps to spoil rival Nvidia's forthcoming GPU conference. Here's a summary of what AMD said on Monday ahead of Nv's GTC this week: 3D-stacked Level 3 cache AMD said it has crafted a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How is it that Intel still has so much mindshare when AMD has been doing so well against them, and so often surpassing them in the past decade?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Because it's near impossible to buy AMD kit through the major OEM's or resellers at a competitive price.

      Dell stock AMD boxes on their website, but only as Alienware gaming desktops, the cheapest of which is priced at £1100

      The HP website stocks 2 Ryzen 3 boxes as "all in ones", which nobody wants and ryzen 5 & 7's in the sff factor only, and most businesses prefer towers.

      Notably these are the same people whom Intel paid not to sell AMD hardware way back in the AMD64 days which was uncovered by the EU and Intel were given a billion dollar fine back in 2009, which notably Intel still hasn't paid the fine for.

      It's not that these companies don't actually produce the hardware, it's just that they are deliberately unmarketed. Try and find a HP 295 MT G6 through the HP website. It's impossible; they simply aren't for sale.

      Despite there being plenty of them available for sale elseware:-

      I don't think it's completely unreasonable to consider the likely reason for that...

      1. captain veg Silver badge

        local difficulty

        I'm finding it difficult to obtain AMD processors as discrete components right now. My usual suppliers (in France) are a sea of "out of stock" notices.


  2. Sgt_Oddball

    The same goes...

    For their graphics cards as well. Just try and find one at anything close to a sane price that's available to buy... I'll wait.

    (and by sane I mean £800 is steep for a near top of the line cars about 3 something years ago. Now that wouldn't even find you a middle of the road card that's only a minor bump in performance over that same card)

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