back to article Will they try it for 30 days first? McAfee goes private again in $14bn cash deal

A consortium of private equity types have stumped up $12bn in cash to acquire what's left of McAfee the company plus another couple of billion to pay off its debts. McAfee has been in and out of the stock market: it last went public in October 2020 with a valuation of $3.6bn. It then spun off its enterprise security business …

  1. Matt Black

    McAfee (and Dell) are scum

    I failed to fully remove McAfee from my wife's new Dell despite spending hours trying - you still have to dismiss some dialog that turns up every few days. And I get junk mail about my subscription to it having expired from all sorts of sources just about daily. Almost to the point of being like ransom-ware - pay up to get rid of the endless crap.

    I don't want McAfee, am not going to pay them any money, and wish I could opt out of being bullied about it.

    1. G28

      Re: McAfee (and Dell) are scum

      Failing the useless McAfee MCRT or whatever they call it, nuking it from orbit is the only way to be sure!

  2. ThatOne Silver badge

    NIST labels

    > NIST has opened a public consultation, asking what kind of warning stickers would help

    Well, the obvious label everyone will eagerly agree upon is: "Buy our software, everything else is crap"...

    What it has to do with security? Well, it averts the danger of people buying the competitions' wares.

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