back to article Slapped wrists at Broadcom as FTC approves order against 'anticompetitive' conduct

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved a final order intended to curb Broadcom's "anticompetitive conduct." The order prohibits the Californian semiconductor company from entering into "certain types" of exclusivity or loyalty agreements with customers regarding the supply of silicon for "devices that deliver …

  1. trindflo Bronze badge

    Broadcom's agreements, according to the FTC, "created insurmountable barriers for companies trying to compete."

    didn't Taiwan's drought (and the consequent lack of semiconductor chips) already do that?

  2. W.S.Gosset Silver badge

    Settled in 1 month!?

    I had to read that twice. That's unheard of. They must have been somewhere between Bang-to-Rights and Done-Like-A-Dinner, in legal terms.

  3. JWLong


    .....are corporations going to stop the bean counters and ambulance chasers getting them into hot water over shit like this so they can further their billing amounts.

    And, it seems FTC didn't restrict them from continuing to make the same old deals with cell phone makers.

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