back to article BlackMatter ransomware gang says it's disbanding – again – after Ukraine arrests

A member of the BlackMatter (aka Darkside) ransomware gang has publicly claimed the extortionists are shutting down, causing much excitement within the infosec world. A Russian-language message reportedly posted on a forum used by ransomware criminals is said to have announced BlackMatter's second disappearance of 2021, the …

  1. Steve Aubrey

    "part of the team is no longer available"

    So supply chain problems?

  2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    It seems like there's a good supply of chains.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Due to certain unsolvable circumstances associated with pressure from the authorities

    can't wait for facebook to follow ;)

    1. Matthew Elvey

      Re: Due to certain unsolvable circumstances associated with pressure from the authorities

      They've literally announced / leaked that a name change is in the works. I will not be complying. Unless they officially change it to crackbook.

  4. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "prompting the decision to reform under a new name"

    But everybody knew it was the same group.

    And yet, they were once again accepted in the hacking community ?

    Or is it because everyone knew them that law enforcement was getting too close for comfort ?

    1. doublelayer Silver badge

      Re: "prompting the decision to reform under a new name"

      I don't think the cybercrime community cared all that much. They want to avoid a situation that seems dangerous, but a delay might be all they need to forget about that danger, assume it has gone back down, or remember that more ransomware operators means more chance that they'll get to collect part of the proceeds.

  5. maddoxx

    russian language

    does not necessary lead to a specific country the guys operate from

  6. Anonymous Coward

    They'll be back.

    Given the latest naming trend my money is on 'DarkMeta'.

    1. Insert sadsack pun here

      No way would these criminals call themselves DarkMeta - they wouldn't want to damage their reputation by associating themselves with dodgy characters like Zuckerberg.

    2. a_yank_lurker

      They are not as low as Suckerberg. They more ethics.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I hope there will be public decryptors soon then

    The BlackMatter "package" is quite thorough - it goes after your ESX setup too - so i hope there will be decryptors for v2 arriving soon.

    It's a vile kind of business.

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