back to article Linux Foundation backs Project OpenBytes: An attempt to slash legal risk of sharing data for training AI

The non-profit Linux Foundation on Tuesday said it has teamed up with dataset management platform Graviti to develop Project OpenBytes, an initiative to make open data less legally risky through the development of data standards and formats. The goal of Project OpenBytes is to reduce the legal risks for organizations and …

  1. JassMan Silver badge

    Those who control data often hesitate to share their datasets due to concerns about licensing limitations.

    Perhaps since half the data used for AI training is obtained without consent anyway, they should be more worried about GDPR and similar around the world.

    1. Cuddles Silver badge

      Indeed, it seems quite a weird initiative really. They're worrying about licensing and data formats, when the actual problem is the lack of consent for holding or sharing the data in the first place. While the proposals mostly seem fairly sensible, they don't appear to even attempt to address the main problem at all.

  2. Il'Geller

    Don’t ever trust your data, your texts to anybody!

    1. Lars Silver badge


      You just did.

      1. Il'Geller

        I have to. If I hadn't written wherever possible, no one would have ever found out about the technology. I sacrifice myself for the good of humanity.

  3. Adair Silver badge


    would it be timely for the 'Linux Foundation' to consider a rebrand, a la Facebook => Meta.

    Perhaps this is a little unkind,

    but sadly 'Linux Foundation' => 'Corporate Sauce Foundation'

    is what comes to mind.

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