back to article Apple 'diverts' iPad components to iPhone 13 production, Euro sources not feeling pinch yet

A component shortfall is reportedly forcing Apple to divert supplies of essential innards to the iPhone 13 at the expense of the iPad – though European suppliers are not yet seeing elongated lead times for buyers in all but the basic models. iPad volumes produced by Apple’s contract manufacturers were down 50 per cent for the …

  1. big_D Silver badge

    Waiting game...

    I ordered a new iPhone 13 Pro 2 weeks ago. Expected delivery date is still end of November, beginning of December (Germany, direct from Apple).

    I bought my wife the basic Product Red version and it arrived 2 days after being ordered.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Meh. It's the same phone as the 11 and 12, there's really no reason to buy one this year.

    1. jtaylor

      "It's the same phone as the 11 and 12, there's really no reason to buy one this year."

      And yet, phones are sold every year. There are plenty of reasons why: Replace a phone that died. Replace an old phone. Add someone in your family.

    2. Ace2 Silver badge

      My 8 still works perfectly. (I’m a TouchID partisan.)

      1. Jess

        My 5S is getting a bit glitchy. (Now most just used at home without a Sim when I need to do Apple stuff, iMessage, etc)

        However, its primary use was always as a work phone. (I now have an AGM M7 replacing it, I'm ovoiding Google and Apple for mobile use where possible ).

    3. big_D Silver badge

      But if you have a 6 or 7, it is a big upgrade and those phones are slowly reaching end-of-life.

      I always find it funny that reviewers say there is little difference between last year's and this year's devices. But most people are not even on a 2 year upgrade cycle any more, they are often on a 4 or more year update cycle. For those people, the 10% better than last year is a huge difference to 4 or 6 years ago.

  3. DS999 Silver badge

    Makes sense

    iPads have mostly the same components in them as an iPhone but the non-Pro iPad sells for less than half the price.

    1. deaglecat

      Re: Makes sense

      ... and is out of stock until December. The basic £319 iPad is actually quite a bargain.

      (hope Apple don't notice)

  4. fpx

    Too Cheap

    In other words, Apple stuff is too cheap: they could just rise prices until demand meets supply.

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