back to article Zuckerberg wants to create a make-believe world in which you can hide from all the damage Facebook has done

Facebook the company is being renamed to Meta, and the social network will be a brand within that entity, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday. You may think that this is just a cheap and cynical rebranding exercise to mitigate the ongoing controversies in which Facebook is mired. But this move goes way beyond that. We're well …

  1. sbt

    "If this is the future you want to see..."

    No, it is not.

    Technologies like the Internet should be tools for making the real world a better place, not a replacement for it; and certainly not one run by a corporation, particularly an untrustworthy and rapacious one like Facebook.

    Every virtual surface will be a billboard for advertising, sold by FB, of course. Just, no.

    1. Chris G

      Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

      The worrying thing is, having watched as much as a minute of the video, I think he believes in his 'vision'.

      This seems to be less about virtual reality and more about the inability to recognise reality.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

        This seems to be less about virtual reality and more about the inability to recognise reality.

        Either that or it's less about virtual reality and more about Zuckerborg seeing how far he can push the gullibility of Facebook investors...

      2. BrownishMonstr

        Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

        I for one think it's an amazing idea, one which Mr Zuckerberg should bet all of his and Facebook's money on. Just invest all that money into this idea.

        Hopefully, then, Meta/Facebook will become bankrupt

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

        If the majority of life is perceived virtually then there's no pesky Physical reality to give insight to how others are manipulating. It really helps to destroy any potential for intuitive diversity, that eventually build to destabilize entrenched powers.

        Removing the majority Of an individual's potential for independent thought. If you cannot test reality outside of how other humans have defined it, Then There is nothing real to Contrast with and so that anything an apathetic ruling faction can advertise, can be sustainfully believed by the masses.

        He is looking for Is a 100% disconnection with physical reality For everyone except at the top of the Is pyramid. who must maintain a sense of Physical reality to keep the whole lie running.

    2. SundogUK Silver badge

      Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

      "Technologies like the Internet should be tools for making the real world a better place.."

      I have no interest in what you might think is a 'better place' but you are entirely correct that the internet does not exist to replace it and the idea that Zuckerberg will have anything to do with it is both horrifying and absurd.

    3. Rich 2 Silver badge

      Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

      This is a horror story in the making….

      ….oh hang on - I think I’m going to be sick….

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

      We're going to need the "metaverse" to hide the fact that getting there will require clockwork orange level torture on the outside.

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Do I need a Facebook Account?

      Count me out, then.

    6. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

      A problem with "better" is it always reveals itself to be A mere biased preference that has lost proper distinguishment. Really thats just declaring war on any perspective that differs from your own strong preferences.

      I would argue the most valuable thing the Internet affords us be Some place to bypass rules, Is an access information restricted in the physical world. Is to give people away to shore up the cracks they fall tp, due to the flaws and bugs and shortcomings of social and legal codes.

      The internet is no man's land. Where ideologies and morals and other fabrications cease to be authoritative and become debates of philosophy.

      A place for divergency and Critical thinking to thrive, And children smart enough find it to bypass the censors.

      what they called the dark web just the original Internet Working to preserve anonymity So that individuals

      outgrow what is convenient to society to allow. Until you are anonymous you you can't develop yourself all. you can do is avoid the most dangerous threat. The bias of fear distorts every other creative impulse you might have to delete.

      It's this Web 2.0 propaganda machine and e-commerce infection that is the perversion.

    7. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

      I get people suffer from anxiety, I do, but he clearly doesn't understand people at all, maybe he suffers from it. The simple remark of boardgames being virtual, does he not understand people like to collect boardgames, they like physical objects take Warhammer for example.

      He's clearly out of touch and every person in that video was a yes person as they clearly just want to keep a job.

      1. Chris G

        Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

        "but he clearly doesn't understand people at all, "

        I suspect that Zuck is at least a borderline clinical psychopath, unable to empathise or sympathise with anyone or anything.

        I wonder if he had an interest in flies when he was a kid.

    8. Persona Silver badge

      Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

      certainly not one run by a corporation, particularly an untrustworthy and rapacious one like Facebook

      Name any Government that wouldn't be even worse running it.

      1. Stoneshop

        Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

        Name any Government that wouldn't be even worse running it.


        Although I doubt they'll want the job, having enough potential hazards of their own already.

      2. Charles 9

        Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

        I'm reminded of Ronald Reagan's famous quote, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help."

        I wish I was alive then to reply, "Then if disaster strikes and you've lost everything, who would you rather come to save you: the government or the Really Big Corporation of America?"

        1. MyffyW Silver badge

          Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

          Reagan and his ilk started from an abject horror at what big government did in Nazi Germany or Stalin's USSR and then drew a free-hand extrapolation to any government initiative.

          Sentimentally I would prefer a small, effective government (P J O'Rourke's guard the coastlines and let UPS deliver the mail), but I'd always emphasize the effective over the small.

    9. Stoneshop

      Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

      I'm missing quite a few words from that sentence.

      "... you want to see fail to get started, then explode and burn up taking the one pushing it with it, the answer is an unequivocal "Yes, and hopefully with as little collateral damage as possible.".

    10. Dizzy Dwarf

      Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

      143 up votes, zero down votes.

      This makes me happy.

      1. werdsmith Silver badge

        Re: "If this is the future you want to see..."

        It's not upvotes we need. It's closed accounts and banishment of "Meta" services that we need, instead of the usual excuses.

  2. Mark 85

    Can take a collection and buy Zuck a one way ticket into space? Please..... There's a few others who should go with him but let's focus on him first.

    1. Lon24

      This move may indeed be just that. A brilliant move by the Facebook board to amplify back to him his own nightmares and encourage Zuck to launch himself into an unknown and unknowable 'metaverse' leaving them to try and clear up the mess he left at Facebook.

      Nice to imagine but I really can't see even his wildest fantasies totally distract him from real control of the real world through his existing channels. But we can dream.

      I did watch the whole of that video. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the technicians' canteen.

    2. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      One way ticket to ride

      I'll gladly chip in IF

      - Elon Musk is on board

      - Jeff Bezos is sitting next to him

      - Donal J Trump is the pilot - after all, he did run an airline (into the ground)

    3. Citizens untied

      You know, the launch vehicle does not have to be one of the big commercial ventures to do the job we all want done. Strapped to an ICBM - reverse Slim Pickens - will do just fine.

      1. Chris G

        Strapped to an IBM would do, just shove it out of a Hercules.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          I can't make out whether you meant ICBM or you were thinking of getting IBM to run it - in which case it will be down so often it won't cause anyone any problems (you won't even need a Hercules)!

    4. 4d3fect

      just put him on th "B" ark.

      1. Charles 9

        The problem with the B Ark idea is that you'd probably get something like a Captain Peter Peachfuzz on board who can find his way to the nonexistent controls, mess with it, and redirect it INTO the A Ark (or the Earth in this case, likely into Yellowstone, setting off the supervolcano there).

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, I suppose if you're going to dream an impossible dream, it may as well be a big one.

  4. logicalextreme

    Old man yells about cloud

    1. jake Silver badge

      Young men haven't learned to ignore marketing.

  5. DJ


    Refer to icon.

    1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

      Re: Prediction:

      Users are all Meta now, actually that's a typo, we're all just Meat now, Zuck will be having us for lunch.

      1. Mark 85

        Re: Prediction:

        Meta? Meat? I thought it's missing a few letters like an "n" and an "l".*

        * Mental for those who are short of time and wanting to know what meant.

  6. jake Silver badge

    Sadville 2.0

    Zschmuck's new motto: Morons Exist, Take Advantage!

    1. Denarius

      Re: Sadville 2.0

      too late. 19th century circus showman. " There is a sucker born every minute"

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Sadville 2.0

        Thank the deities that there isn't a "Zucker born every minute". Imagine what a horror that would be!

        1. Stoneshop

          Re: Sadville 2.0

          They might spend their energy and money trying to out-Zuck each other, while the rest of the world goes about their business ignoring the fracas.

          "I'm Zuck"

          "No, I'm Zuck"

          "I am Zuck, and so is my wife"

          1. SCP

            Re: Sadville 2.0

            I think we're all zucked!

            1. ecofeco Silver badge

              Re: Sadville 2.0

              Zucks to be us.

          2. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Sadville 2.0

            Oh you mean like Rimmer World?

            Image a Zucker World!

            Where did I put those stress balls.....

            <tips hat to Red Dwarf>

    2. Chris G

      Re: Sadville 2.0

      Make Every Thing Awful will fit too.

      Or for Zuck, My Entry To Absurdity.

      Is Zuck losing his grip on reality and creating his own fugue to escape into while hoping everyone else wants to go with him.

      Incidently, autism has nothing to do with this, try understanding a condition before using it as an insult.

      1. Snowy Silver badge

        Re: Sadville 2.0

        Seeing it is VR

        Make Everything Total Advertising.

    3. adrianww

      Re: Sadville 2.0

      No, he’s not inventive enough to come up with that kind of thing. It’s actually much simpler - “Mark’s Electronic Targeted Advertising”

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Meta just doesn't cut it like FaceBook did with easy replacements like FecesBook, FakeBook, FlakeBook, etc.

    In honor of the Big Z, I'd propose Zeta. Or key on the drug like addiction to it and go with Metha.

    Any other ideas?

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Snark

      Well, we all know what it'll be used for ... Lolita.

      1. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

        Re: Snark

        Cine film... VHS... Internet... Metaverse...

        1. Lon24

          Re: Snark

          Wendys (the US fat-food outlet) has in sympathy or something re-branded their Twitter feed to [drum roll] MEAT.

    2. Inventor of the Marmite Laser Silver badge

      Re: Snark

      Just meh, ta.

    3. Pen-y-gors

      Re: Snark

      How about Sellafieldbook? A new name makes everything better.

    4. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Snark

      This Snark shows every indication of being a Bogon...

  8. Bill Posters
    Big Brother

    Round and round

    Glad to see this whole virtual world is going to get a Second Life.


    1. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

      Re: Round and round


      PornBook, InstaPorn, PornApp

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Re: Round and round

        You are Zuckerbitch's Head of Marketing and ICMFP!

  9. Denarius

    is this proof Si Valley dudes live in a reality distortion bubble of some kind ? The author of article summed up subject well. Now to find nearest Amish recruiting center. Maybe they have a point

    1. ComputerSays_noAbsolutelyNo Silver badge

      I guess Buggerzork hasn't got any friends in real life, and he wants everybody else's life to be just the same. So, he can then connect with everybody?

    2. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      It's interesting. I enjoyed reading Snowcrash. Now admittedly it did make me want to buy an aircraft carrier and turn it into a yacht. I mean, who wouldn't? But what it didn't do was make me think, "Ooh this future looks like a nice place to live." It's not a nice fluffy bit of utopian sci-fi.

      Personally though, I think Zuckerberg should be made to listen to Reason.

    3. ecofeco Silver badge

      More proof. It's just more proof.

  10. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Waiting for virtual reality

    I'm all for creating an online universe, but this isn't it. Facebook is buggy as hell, slow, clumsy, and completely incapable of taking on next-generation functionality. The best it do is profit from abuse and chaos. This is like some crackpot with poor welding skills and no concern for physics claiming he's going to build a spaceship.

    1. Dwarf

      Re: Waiting for virtual reality

      As long as they are building the b-Ark and he gets a seat, then that would be fine

      1. Roger Kynaston


        Don't forget that the other two thirds of the Golgafrinchams died out from a disease contracted from a poorly sanitised phone. The corollary here is that we need faecesbook to not catch horrible diseases.

        I think that the better analogy for Zuck and his ilk are the pan dimensional beings who palyed inter galactic bar billiards and potted a whole planet into a black hole killing 10 billion people. or Vroomfondel and Majikthise with the humour taken out.

      2. SuperGeek

        Re: Waiting for virtual reality

        "As long as they are building the b-Ark and he gets a seat, then that would be fine"

        Well, Zuckerberg is b-Ark-ing up the wrong tree but we knew that already!

    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Waiting for virtual reality

      "Facebook is buggy as hell, slow, clumsy, and completely incapable of taking on next-generation functionality."

      Yes, now imaging being a fully immersive VR world of that quality. Motion sickness just won't be enough to describe it. Although come to think of it, maybe now is the time to invest in companies making motion sickness medications?

  11. DS999 Silver badge

    The Register really needs

    A shark jumping icon. That would come in handy for commenting on the latest proof that Zuck is losing his grip on reality.

  12. Sam Therapy

    I bet Virgin Media won't be ecstatic about the logo, either.

    1. lglethal Silver badge

      nor will the Australian Broadcasting Corporation...

      1. Dave559 Silver badge


        What he has visioneered [sic] really does sound like a particularly unpleasant Black Mirror episode (or perhaps the Matrix), and it sounds horrid, but I have to say that I do quite like the logo: it's a cross between the infinity symbol and a spinning Lissajous figure, so it seems pretty much 'just right' (if you want to be trapped inside a virtual world of changing voltage inputs - or is that pretty much what we are anyway?). At least the designer deserves an appreciative nod for the thinking behind that, even if the whole idea is ghastly.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      But Meta means

      DEAD in Hebrew.

      I do hope that Fecalbook goes to hell ASAP.

      1. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

        Re: But Meta means

        Or, intentional - a nod to their owned zombie users

  13. Potemkine! Silver badge

    His dream is my nightmare.

    Changing name to try to erase bad reputation is a classic. It's a good strategy, many people have memory skills close to the ones of a golden fish. It may work for a while, but because Meta will be as perverse as Feckbook is, its reputation should be tarnished the same. What will be the next name?

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      To do it right you need to clean up first, otherwise the new name just gets a bad reputation more quickly.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Must be having trouble shifting those CAD$1000+ Oculus devices.

    I guess one way to try to pump sales is to force all your users to spring for a pair.

    Cost alone makes it an easy decision: Meta-splat.

    Right over the cliff...

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Why do people buy them?

      When Vive exists?

      My sons have been through all the other serious VR headsets, but won't touch the Facebook one.

      So far one has Steam VR, the other has his Vive back from him, and I am the recipient of their PSVR.

      So what is the need for a Facebook Oculus?

      Will Steam and PSN remain safe from Facebook?

  15. Richard Jones 1

    Slug Poison? (Meta Used for Years to Kill Slugs)

    Meta was the short name for a substance used to catch or more accurately poison slugs, To give its full name, Metaldehyde.

    Naming an unpleasant, human mind destroying product, 'Slug Poison', sums up Zuckerberg perfectly.

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: Slug Poison? (Meta Used for Years to Kill Slugs)

      and here I was thinking that he'd simply spelled 'Mierda' wrong...

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If Metaverse flops what happens to the name?

    Metaverse won't be going anywhere unless it directly targets a profit making plan.

    How about amateur making of eye-candy 3D/VR videos for a Tik Tok like platform? Maybe. Make a profit selling the recording hardware/firmware/software and the viewing glasses.

    How about games? That could be big - the world wide game market is worth 230 billion a year.

    Of course a prerequisite is that the glasses can be worn comfortably for extended periods without headaches or causing degraded vision. And that's not at all a given.

    If Metaverse flops then the company will have to rename again. Google at least had the foresight not to use the name of a project which didn't work out.

    1. lglethal Silver badge

      Re: If Metaverse flops what happens to the name?

      It will follow the well worn path of many technologies - it will become profitable because of Porn....

      MetaPornVerse, anyone?

    2. Charles 9

      Re: If Metaverse flops what happens to the name?

      "Of course a prerequisite is that the glasses can be worn comfortably for extended periods without headaches or causing degraded vision. And that's not at all a given."

      I suspect that is physically impossible as even before VR goggles, people were suffering from simulation sickness. Apparently, the brain is a lot easier to fool than anyone realized.

  17. Big_Boomer Silver badge


    "To spread from one part of the body to another. When cancer cells metastasize and form secondary tumours, the cells in the metastatic tumour are like those in the original (primary) tumour." And so the cancer spreads. <sigh>

  18. bigphil9009

    Full presentation

    A link to the full presentation:

    I've watched the first 10 minutes - it truly is something to behold. I'm not normally one to comment on someone's appearance but it really does look like they have deliberately made MZ look like Data from TNG - a "meta" commentary on this thing trying to be like the Holodeck?

    I can't believe he made it through the presentation with a straight face, and of course there had to be a single-speed fixie in the background at one point...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Full presentation

      Yes, probably their next acquisition is Magic Leap. They look to have the same promo video producer, after all....

      1. Mage Silver badge
        Paris Hilton

        Re: look to have the same promo video

        For a moment I thought you wrote porn video producer.

        I've not watched the video and I won't.

    2. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: Full presentation

      I'm impressed you managed to make it all the way through the video.

    3. Eclectic Man Silver badge

      Re: Full presentation

      bigphil9009: "I've watched the first 10 minutes"

      TEN MINUTES!!!!

      This is the Internet generation with the attention spa - Oh, look a sparrow.

      1. bigphil9009

        Re: Full presentation

        Did I say I'd watched ONLY the first 10 minutes? Nope, that's because I hadn't yet watched the whole thing at the point of writing my post. Try not to leap to conclusions and be so judgemental eh?

        1. Eclectic Man Silver badge

          Re: Full presentation

          Sorry, I forgot the 'joke' icon. :o(

    4. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Full presentation

      That wasn't the real first person MZ that was his hologram of him in his metaverse mansion...

      I took the video to be in the same vein as the adverts for digital games which have the warning "not actual game footage"...

    5. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: Full presentation

      Appears he doesn't give a shit what people think of him I'm guessing. When one was dressed as the robot and he said "I thought I was supposed to be the robot".

      This idea is shit as we are nowhere near having the tech to make it happen. One thing I would like and want however IS a holodeck from Star Trek. Nothing wrong with that idea. Especially if you can use it to take old memories to revisit. I have been looking on and off for years of photos of Sandown on the Isle of Wight, specifically the Browns area where the lake is (was a boating lake) and the old Browns arcade but haven't found any. If the holodeck could recreate that from my memory it would be great :)

    6. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: Full presentation

      I carried on watching. The investors will fall for it and he says its a long way off, they'll want to be in on it in case it takes off so their family can enjoy the riches. But watching it he just doesn't seem to get it. All the ISPs will be pissed on data usage, they are already moaning about Netflix. People out in the sticks won't have speeds high enough for this. And little things like "You're friend is at a concert, they can invite you as a hologram" yeah but surely that person needs to then pay for a ticket, surely?

      Had that discussion in a jossing way about Latest Richard Herring RHLSTP series. He's not putting it out for free after having done for years, because this run is for charity. £50 for the whole series for virtual tickets (you can go to the theatre instead if you want) so you can stream it from home, which I've done as I can't be arsed to go to London. I've said "What if I have others sitting on the sofa with me watching, should they also not pay for a ticket like they would have to if they went to the physical theatre?"

    7. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: Full presentation

      It keeps going. 14mins in "Can create products with Spark AI" your AI (not AI just an algorithm is already shit), if you look at true AI its fucking hard. Just look at Robert Miles YouTube channel on AI Safety, especially the latest one and how unpredictable AI is. But anyway, you'd have to scrap copyright otherwise no doubt someone will create a virtual toaster for the metaverse that becomes popular until a big company comes along and sues because your toaster looks a lot like theirs.

      He's fucking deluded. Its comedy gold.

    8. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: Full presentation

      I can't stop. The amout of yes people in it, its fucking awful!!

    9. Mage Silver badge

      Re: MZ look like Data

      No, he's like Lore, the evil clone of Data.

  19. John70

    Ready Player One

    Did Zuck only just watch Ready Player One and decided that he wanted Facebook 2.0 to look like that?

    1. Phil Dalbeck

      Re: Ready Player One

      Sort of - its like Ready Player One, but IOI is in charge from the getgo.

    2. AbortRetryFail

      Re: Ready Player One

      Ready Player One is just an imagining of Neal Stephenson's Metaverse, as explored in Snow Crash, and as referenced by the article.

  20. Sgt_Oddball

    I can help but think...

    It's all a big joke (though that would require it to be aware of it being a joke).

    Haven't we been warned enough over the years just how bad an idea it is? Red Dwarf (better than life), Syndicate (Amiga game), They live (Hollywood's finest example of two men having a fight), Neuromancer (cyberpunk kick starter) the list goes on.

    Finally, SillyCon valleys last great name change has done wonders for Alphabet Google, no?

    The sooner it's smashed up, the better.

    1. GDM

      Re: I can help but think...

      Simon Stålenhag has helpfully visualised all this for us -

      1. Dave559 Silver badge

        Re: I can help but think...

        Wow, those Simon Stålenhag illustrations are amazing! Thanks so much for highlighting that!

        1. Steve K

          Re: I can help but think...

          The illustrations are amazing - and similar in style to what we take for granted in many 3D games now

          1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

            Re: I can help but think...

            The landed/crashed spaceships reminded my of this artists book cover style.

            1. Steve K

              Re: I can help but think...

              Reminded me of Peter Elson


  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A massive lack of ingenuity

    It feels llike there's a huge dearth of robust thinking amongst the supposed 'thought leaders' in computing.

    Google spends its time trying to becoming AOL (A walled Garden) and Facebook wants to us all to revisit Second Life, or worse:

    Is there no ingenuity out there? Is ths really as good as it gets?

    1. Felonmarmer

      Re: A massive lack of ingenuity

      Yep, it's as good as it gets.

      Real ingenuity doesn't get planned, it just happens out of the blue. If you look at all the real inovations over the last century, they weren't predicted or planned. What was predicted was personal hovercraft and jet packs.

      This is turd-polishing recast as genius, like everything else FB does.

      1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

        Re: A massive lack of ingenuity

        I've driven a personal hovercraft. It was lots of fun. And they're not all that expensive, even without mass production. So they're a perfectly practical solution to all your commuting needs, so long as you don't mind crashing into things all the time and getting flipped upside down if you have to brake too hard. I even got passably good at steering it - well better than anybody else on the day, but that's really not saying very much.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: A massive lack of ingenuity

          It seems to me that jet propulsion and thrusters for maneuvering, Are what most hover crafts are lacking.

        2. Anonymous Coward

          Re: A massive lack of ingenuity

          Hovercraft? No way! The damn things always end up full of eels.

    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: A massive lack of ingenuity

      "Is there no ingenuity out there? Is ths really as good as it gets?"

      No, it could be "Better Than LiveTM

  22. Dan 55 Silver badge

    This paragraph is pure poetry

    The sheer tragedy of this: a man with more money than he knows what to do with and who could buy any experience he wants on Earth or beyond, holed up inside a sprawling mansion and wearing VR goggles after his website has had untold effects on democracies, scheming how to help us escape the society he dragged his car keys along for more than a decade.


    Although at this stage it's more like an angle grinder.

  23. ComputerSays_noAbsolutelyNo Silver badge
    Big Brother


    This talk of building towards a Metaverse reminds me of something ...

    ... the Commies talk of builing towards communism.

    So, all is well and gangsta in the Metaverse until the Zuck-KVD shows up and puts you into a Meta-Lag.

    Until the Metaverse will be realised, please endure the hate and misinformation Faecebook spreads, it's all for the greater good, or was it for the good the great?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Zuckerism

      What about the hate and misinformation you're spreadong right now?

  24. Steve K

    It's Such a Beautiful Day - Asimov

    This isn't entirely dissimilar to the world described by Asimov in his short story "It's Such a Beautiful Day" that I remember reading some 40 years ago.

    I don't know who has asked for Metaverse - I am in my early 50s, I work in technology and I am a regular El Reg commentard but I hate the use cases that he has set out. I appreciate that I am outside the target demographic (except maybe as one of the parents/grandparents that users are avoiding visiting in person!!)

    My Oculus Rift has been in its box for over a year (and since getting it maybe 4 years ago I have used it maybe 10 times), and when there is a requirement for a FaceBook account to use it, it will go on to Ebay (if not sooner).

    It would be interesting also to see what opotometrists think of the effect of such increased close-up screen use on the user population. It might be that we don't die out from a poorly-sanitised telephone, but from myopia from VR use (which may or may not include the Adult sites....)

    What Zuckerberg doesn't mention is how those unable to use/afford the technology will be able to participate in the dystopia he has wanked out. I'd be interested to get ShadowSystems' views on this...

    (Although maybe he doesn't care since they aren't a demographic that his advertisers care about either?)

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: It's Such a Beautiful Day - Asimov

      My eye doctors told my Mum when I was a kid, that lots of viewing things like telly from close up is fine. That was Moorfields Eye Hospital which is one of the world's best research places. Their canteen also used to do excellent doughnuts as well... I still get the same advice, though I'm a regular at a less lofty hospital nowadays.

      So I'm sure the 3d goggles are fine. Although if you wear them too long it gets pretty hot and sweaty in there, so it's probably not so great for your skin.

      1. Richard 12 Silver badge

        Re: It's Such a Beautiful Day - Asimov

        Also, if the VR headset is properly designed and adjusted then your eyes will be sat at neutral focus, the most relaxed they can be.

        Assuming the backlight isn't emitting any UV, then it's probably better for your eyes than looking out of the window.

        Not all that great for your neck though, as they're all relatively weighty. Not to mention nausea, for that matter. Motion sickness is absolutely a thing.

  25. sreynolds

    Meta what?

    One of the most bullshit names that I have ever heard of. Probably best fits facebook as they cannot exist without being leaches of actual data that they don't own.

    1. Magani

      Re: Meta what?

      Zubin's probably not happy either.

      1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        Re: Meta what?

        Different spelling.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Meta what?

      I wonder what the strategy boutiques charged to come up with 'Meta'? Certainly it will keep them in joss sticks and whale song for a good while.

      1. sreynolds

        Re: Meta what?

        Probably the shorted domain name that they could get on the .com TLD. Then the spin merchants come up with the metaverse bullshit narrative.

        On a totally unrelated note, I see that redirects me to Corbyn's wikipedia page.

  26. Colin Cruikshank

    Reality, what a concept...

    I reject your reality and substitute my own.

  27. Warm Braw

    Zarniwoop is away on an intergalactic cruise in his office

    Somehow, when Douglas Adams proposed it, it didn't seem like a threat to civilisation itself. Zuckerberg has a unique talent for creating menace from absurdity.

  28. Tromos

    I have an immersive headset for Zuckerberg

    It's a bucket of icy water.

    1. skeptical i
      Thumb Up

      Re: I have an immersive headset for Zuckerberg

      Just remember to stay under until the bubbles stop. The bubbles mean the trip to Metaverse is still in process; when they stop you will have landed, Mr. Zuck sir.

      1. Eclectic Man Silver badge

        Re: I have an immersive headset for Zuckerberg

        Can I throw away the Hyena offal now?

        (Obligatory HHGTTG reference

        'Why is life like hanging upside-down with your head in a bucket of ... ?" etc.)

  29. Contrex

    I think Zuck's VR future will be denied to me. I was born very premature with retrolental fibroplasia (now called retinopathy of prematurity or ROP) in one eye and pretty good vision in the other. I have had essentially monocular vision since birth. All the 3D gadgets, stereo photo viewers, etc I have ever tried have, of course, done nothing at all, sometimes to the great puzzlement of binocular people (What? You can't see it? really?). A sort of compensation is that I am a pretty good shot with a rifle; I got a marksman's badge in the school CCF.

    1. Richard 12 Silver badge

      VR doesn't rely on binocular vision

      Binocular vision basically does nothing beyond a foot or two away. Past that, your brain figures out distance from scale.

      We've mostly got two eyes for a backup - losing all vision would be immediately fatal for any animal hunting using sight, and eyes are fragile.

      Having two means you don't starve to death if an antelope kicks sand in your eye.

      VR is pretty likely to work just fine for you. A friend of mine has a wonky eye and she's still pretty damn good at Beat Saber.

      However, it does appear that anyone who's partially sighted in both eyes is not considered a person by Zuckerberg. Rather a lot of people being left out of the Metaverse.

  30. Scott Broukell

    M ulti-billionaire

    E gotist

    T inkers

    A round (the edges)

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      I prefer Massive Eejit Tosser and Arsehole myself.

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Yeah, but we're not discussing your sexual preferences in public, are we?

  31. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    I may be wrong ...

    but he's declared that his virtual reality headsets will be sold below cost.

    Doesn't that immediately undermine every company selling VR kit at a sensible profit?

    If that is indeed the case, isn't this declaring that Facebook is using its monopolistic position to undermine other businesses around the world?

    Isn't that saying "get the lawyers ready for anti-competitive behaviour" court battles for the next ten years?

    The trouble with Zuckenberg is 7/8 of what his company does isn't visible on the surface ...

    1. bazza Silver badge

      Re: I may be wrong ...

      Yes, yes and probably yes.

  32. roblightbody

    Bond Baddie

    For years I've thought Zuck was a real life Bond Baddie, and he really is looking like that. Closed off from the real world, unimaginable wealth, and simply insane ideas. Meanwhile his original product causes truly horrific things to happen all over the world. Its all like something from the movies.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bond Baddie

      It's like a Bond baddie combined with some 1950/60's Sci-Fi terror/horror of the world controlled by the borg and we are all just pawns in the game.

      The Federation have taken over the planet and there are just a few rebels left somewhere fighting for the cause and freedom. Once freed from the federation the pawns will not be able to survive for long as they have lost the basic skills of life.

      It is up to us, fellow commentards, to save the planet and bring back freedom.

      Note : This really is not the future we all imagined as kids in the 1970's when we were told computers would take over our life and run the world for us.

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Re: Bond Baddie

        Yeah, it's looking more like The Matrix and less like Multivac (which also had issues of course)

  33. taxman

    Niantic's Version

    It's not just this guy who wants to change the world as you see it. Niantic (you know, that Ingress, Pokemon, Harry Potter and failed Catan company) aslo want a version of the same thing - except John Hanke calls it AR instead.

    Calling the Metaverse a Dystopian Nightmare, his vision (no pun) is for people to walk around the world wearing glasses that "transform" what is there into an alternate world laid over the real world. To get this Niantic are using the players of Ingress and Pokemon to scan street images that will then be incorporated into these "alternate worlds".

    Tied up with Nintendo, Niantic have just released a new "experience", Pikmin Bloom, which I hope the world will not look like in the future. If it does then you'll know that the Teletubbies have taken over.

    1. doublelayer Silver badge

      Re: Niantic's Version

      In fairness, those are two different things. VR is taking a videoconference, making it full screen, and blocking out the rest of your vision. AR is keeping your vision but adding stuff. I can see a few potential uses of AR to add information to a physical location, whereas VR is just a screen in a different shape which doesn't sound very useful to me.

  34. Howard Sway Silver badge

    Hope he's bet the company on this idea

    Because if he's become so detached from reality that he thinks that the decades long fail of virtual reality headset alterna-worlds is going to succeed because this time it'll be clever-mark-and-all-his-money making it, it will be sweet to watch.

    Gratified that it's been met with such mockery worldwide, and if anyone's tempted to take up a job there building it, just imagine how many people will be driven mad by working with one of these headsets on all day every day staring at the not-even-working-yet bleakness of this poor quality alternative reality, then go take a walk somewhere nice and realise that entering this world of shit will damage you, maybe beyond repair.

    1. quartzz

      Re: Hope he's bet the company on this idea


  35. Zippy´s Sausage Factory

    Anyone else think the "Metaverse" stuff is smoke and mirrors?

    It feels to me like the whole thing is an "ignore the neo-Nazis on our platform, ignore the fact we don't pay any taxes and ignore the anti-trust issues around the merging of WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram, here's something you can talk about instead" type of deal

    Cynical, moi? You betcha...

    1. a pressbutton

      Re: Anyone else think the "Metaverse" stuff is smoke and mirrors?

      It isnt smoke and mirrors. It is an idea that was tested out and failed

      Does anyone remember VRML?

      1. Charles 9

        Re: Anyone else think the "Metaverse" stuff is smoke and mirrors?

        I remember it. I also remember it came out in the 90's, so I would peg it as something ahead of its time. Not to mention likely too limited for the purposes being sought today.

      2. ecofeco Silver badge

        Re: Anyone else think the "Metaverse" stuff is smoke and mirrors?

        VRML? Christ, there's something I've not heard about in a long time.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    brand name copyright protection


  37. winters solace

    second life vibes

    oddly we have have a world like what zuck is talking about for 16 years now

    its called second life or open sim or many of the others that are going about none of them have become main stream ?

    face book should stick to what its good at, spying on the masses and spreading lies

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: second life vibes

      face book should stick to what its good at, spying on the masses and spreading lies

      Be fair now. That's not all they're good at.

      They're also great at selling adverts. Targetting them, not so much. But selling them they do fine.

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Re: second life vibes

        "They're also great at selling adverts. Targetting them, not so much. But selling them they do fine."

        They do target them. But they have a sawn off shotgun while telling everyone it's really a high end sniper rifle.

    2. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

      Re: second life vibes

      Exactly. You beat me to it. Second Life already exists, and has been around for like 15 or 20 years. You can do EVERYTHING in there he goes on about (it has a scripting language, so you can even do the scripting an in-SL object that interacts with the outside world.) And Second Life looks lots better than Zuckerberg's demo too (... in general, all graphics are user-supplied in SL so there are some historical areas intentionally kept as they were in like 2005 or whenever.)

      I had assumed (given the bubble in users on there years back, and the drop off in users afterwards) that Linden Labs was still in business due to cost cutting (originally 1 SIM -- 256 meters x 256 meters -- was on 1 server, they can probably combine 50 or more onto one now) but it turns out they are more profitable than ever -- due to porn and gambling. Make no mistake -- there's still a reasonably large number of users in there actually creating stuff, interacting (non-pornographically), and so on, they just don't bring in the revenue that people throwing $L (Lindens) into slot machines as fast as physically possible does.

      Ironically, Second Life initially did have VR goggle support -- for the 1990s era extremely expensive ones. They dropped it, and by the time Occulus Rift etc. came out, they apparently found their code base was too antiquated (... it is still OpenGL 2 based) to add current VR goggle support to it.

      1. mrmond

        Re: second life vibes

        Almost right, Second Life did add support for the Oculus Rift, it never had support for VR before that.

        It was support for the Rift they gave up on although a third party viewer at the time already had rudimentary VR support and there is a project that still exists today, FirestormVR that lets you enable virtual reality for headsets such as the Rift, Vive and Quest

        Linden Lab created a new World called Sansar which was intended to be their new VR experience and based on entirely new code. It actually does look amazing but never really took off and was later told to another company. The Second Life platform has actually been sold to another company now although while it remains profitable it will stay open.

        1. This post has been deleted by its author

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: second life vibes


          Yes, Sansar has been sold on. However, as far as I know Second Life is still owned by Linden Lab and is still in active development by them.

          If LL had sold SL then I am sure I would have heard about it as I am still a SL resident (and have been for around 14 years now).

    3. cNova

      Re: second life vibes

      When Second Life was the Next Big Thing, it attracted serious companies as if everyone would need a SL presence to compete in the real world.

      Soon we can watch the VR production of Zuckerberg's original script. Imagine, VRing to a planet where giant snakes poop cocaine which allows one to crumple space, that is, go nowhere without moving; while producing deranged prophesies of mankind's future.

      The mind truly boggles...

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is he trying a Monsanto?

    Monsanto (and others) either changed name or sold themselves to another entity so their past scandals would not come up in searches on the new name - is he trying to do the same?

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh for Gods sake

    the man wants to create a Solaria, (which didn't work out too well"), either that or he's gone batshit

    1. ChipsforBreakfast

      Re: Oh for Gods sake

      My money's on batshit.

      (thumbs up for the Asimov reference)

  40. ChipsforBreakfast

    If that's the future...

    Count me out.

    I'll happily retire to my little corner of darkest Scotland and live out the rest of my days far from the madding crowd of AR-Spectacled zombies thank you very much.

  41. Mage Silver badge

    Mark Zuckerberg has gone off the deep end

    Long ago. When he started it at University for people to rate girls.

    A toxic cess pit where posters of content are the product for the real users, the advertisers. His entire organisation should be split-up, data collection model banned and the people running it charged with abuse, sedition and manslaugter. Or just shutter facebook, whatsApp, Instagram etc.

    That list, and one of Amazon and Alphabet are a result of acquisitions being tax deductible. Corporate USA is out of control

    These lists are not complete. Please help by updating them.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Mark Zuckerberg has gone off the deep end

      "That list, and one of Amazon and Alphabet are a result of acquisitions being tax deductible. Corporate USA is out of control"

      And the US Govt. has a massive debt problem. Maybe they could consider placing a 15% Sales Tax on corporate acquisitions? Kill two birds with one stone :-)

  42. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

    If cyberspace had a graveyard of empires - it would be Virtual Reality. Especially virtual reality for everyday life.

  43. rg287

    Weird flex in the article. I'm all here for a bit of Facebook hating, and the metaverse stuff is pretty fluffy (though there were some undoubtedly impressive tech demos hidden in amongst the self-aggrandising).

    But Meta isn't "going off the deep end", it's just Facebook realising they've made a bunch of acquisitions (some more disparate than others) and wanting to farm them out to a parent - Google meet Alphabet. Is that so weird?

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      >But Meta isn't "going off the deep end", it's just Facebook realising they've made a bunch of acquisitions ...

      It is MZ going off the deep end, about his metaverse; instead of simply announcing the creation of a parent company etc. which doesn't really need an attention grabbing admedia friendly name. Because following the logic, if MZ calls the holding company Meta then the subsidiary developing the metaverse can't also be called Meta.

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        "Because following the logic, if MZ calls the holding company Meta then the subsidiary developing the metaverse can't also be called Meta."

        That caught my attention too. Surely, following his own logic, Meta should be a new spin-off company under the parent, which means they need to go back and find a name for the new parent company. Again.

        Unless the "logic" is that "Meta" is the parent and Facebook, instagram etc. are all planned to be part of it, despite his bleating on about inter-operability and open standards, the long term plan is a closed, walled garden.

  44. El Duderino

    Just needed the name really

    I.e. 'Metaverse'. One more item for my 'no no never' list of things that will never pollute my world, like all things affiliated with Zuck, FB, its subsidiaries, or basically any of the 'social' crap out there.

  45. Paul Cooper

    The Unknown Limits

    When I heard of the renaming, my immediate thought was "Meta Incognita" - the name given to part of Baffin Island by Martin Frobisher in 1577! (

    It isn't, perhaps, an obvious link to one not conversant with the Polar Regions, but I think it does indicate the direction that the new entity is likely to take! "Limits? What Limits?"

  46. naive

    Facebook is just a mirror

    Those who don't like what they see should perhaps start doing something more useful than picturing the one who installed it, being mr. Zuckerberg, as the devil.

    Drugs trafficking, use of illegal substances, tax evasion by billionaires who are above the law, child abuse, human trafficking and terrorism are all manifestations of things our elected politicians allow to happen without doing anything effective against it.

    They are not there because of facebook, they are there because the people taking part in it are not mercilessly being prosecuted and hung from the highest tree when caught.

    Accusing Facebook of all that is wrong in the world is misleading and cheap, it is us all who are to blame, since we are facebook.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Facebook is just a mirror

      "Those who don't like what they see should perhaps start doing something more useful than picturing the one who installed it, being mr. Zuckerberg, as the devil."

      That's a little like saying the oil companies aren't to blame for pollution. It's the people buying the products that cause it. Oil[1] companies are nice, friendly, green and cuddly, but those customers force them to produce all that dirty oil. (But let's not mention the $billions spent on advertising, pushing the people to buy all that oil derived product)

      [1] Pick the industry of your choice here.

    2. werdsmith Silver badge

      Re: Facebook is just a mirror

      it is us all who are to blame, since we are facebook

      U WOT M8?

      Speak for yourself. I absolutely refuse to go anywhere near it, despite all the cajoling from brain dead morons.

    3. martinusher Silver badge

      Re: Facebook is just a mirror

      >Drugs trafficking, use of illegal substances, tax evasion by billionaires who are above the law, child abuse, human trafficking and terrorism are all manifestations of things our elected politicians allow to happen without doing anything effective against it.

      Of course the do things about it. The consequences of those "things the do about it" tend to fall on less advantaged people, though. Low handing fruit will always get picked first.

      (Those "things" are also manifestations of enterprise. What is a drug dealer but someone involved in an enterprise to provide a commodity to satisfy a demand?)

  47. Eclectic Man Silver badge

    The Machine Stops

    Is the title of a (probably the only) sci fi story penned by E M Forster. In this future each person inhabits their own little pod, and all communication is through video and machines. People only meet for necessities, like when they need medical care. The story centres on what happens when the machines that mend the machines that run the world start to fail.

    Spoiler alert - there is no 'happy ending'.

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: The Machine Stops

      One of my earliest reads.

      A very dire warning.

  48. J27

    Did this work for Alphabet? It did take a while for people to learn Alphabet = Google so maybe a short while?

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Only people in the IT industry know that Alphabet = Google. They rest of the world neither knows nor cares.

      Even most tech journalist writing for the less technical or more general audience, will always state something like "Alphabet, the parent company of Google" because they know their readers won't know who Alphabet are. And by the time most readers have got the thought "Alpha-who?" across their brain, they then see the next bit of the sentence and their brain immediately replaces all future occurrences in the article of Alphabet with Google.

      1. martinusher Silver badge

        It is also very unlikely that a corporation like Google, even pre-Alphabet, is just a single company. Most of our household names are collections of corporations that manage different aspects of the business. These components trade among themselves, its one of the primary tools for profit diversion.

        Only the most financially minded sorts bother with these details.

  49. Eclectic Man Silver badge


    This afternoon I'm going to meet a friend. We'll hug (he's a 'huggy guy'), and go to a cafe where we will each choose a coffee / tea or other beverage of choice from a menu neither of us can create at home, and probably each have a cake. We'll chat, then visit a local bookstore to browse.

    How much of that could we do in Zuck's Meta-topia?* Well, none of the actual physical stuff, like hugging, drinking or eating. None of the sunshine or showers (I'm in the UK, rain is an occupational hazard for us Brits) or the actual exercise of being out in the fresh air, the smells, and the actual exercise of moving. You cannot get the feel and atmosphere** of being in woodland from a headset.

    I lasted about 12m30s into his presentation, and all I could do was wonder if the bicycle, surfboard or exercise machine were just decoration or he actually used them, or, when he said you won't have to type at a keyboard any more, you'll just use a hand gesture, if anyone was thinking of the same gesture I was***.

    *"Meta-topia" is now copyright 2021 Eclectic Man :o). 'coz it is the coolest thing I'll invent today.


    ***I am deeply ashamed of myself and will do penance, eventually.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Meta-topia*

      My thoughts of the Zuckverse - on watching the video, is it is ideal for those in denial about climate change, extinction, etc.

      In the metaverse, the weather is always sunny (and even when it raiins you don't get wet or cold), the vegetation is is always lush and the grass green.

      So a nice piece of escapism from the realities of the real-world. Obviously, we've just got to find a use of all those humans and then we can go full on Matrix.

      Just a query: what is the speed of light in the Zuckverse?

  50. D@v3







    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      I'm too meta for my shirt!

      Signed: Fred. Right?

      1. ecofeco Silver badge

        So meta it hurts.

  51. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'the future new reality must be built on open standards and easy interoperability'

    I can only assume this means Facebook (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Evil Corp) will be throwing open its data silos. Then we can all see what they've been acquiring; and that those of us who have never subscribed to any of their services can ensure all of the shadow data they've gobbled up about us is deleted.

  52. andrewj

    Will the Flash at least be around to deal with Harrison Zuck?

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      You know the Flash isn't real, right? It's just Sheldon Cooper in a fake outfit.

  53. Omnipresent Bronze badge

    It's worse then you knew

    It's worse than you Imagined. He's created a digital AI controlled world with YOU in it, whether you want to be or not. You have given him everything. Your name, image, likeness. Your family history and life and interests. Even your beliefs, all belong to him, and digitally recreated. You are an avatar now. What happens when that avatar starts feeding you things that aren't true? or are done for intention? Can you tell reality from fiction anymore? where is the line? Is what happens in his AI world reality to the avatars?

  54. Alumoi Silver badge

    Meta is short for metadata

    At least he's sincere. All your meta(data) belongs to Zuck.

  55. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

    A meta universe

    sounds like great fun to escape this mudane one

    I for one will be lapping this up with my VR headset....... except something itches at the back of my head and it aint fleas

    Once hes got everyone inside his metaverse ..... whos going to be on the outside actually doing stuff...?

    And whos going to be watching what goes on inside (besides the spam artists)

    In fact... <puts down VR headset> I'll take my VR with games and say no way in hell am I stepping inside that metaverse....... I've seen the crap on FB and they do nothing about it except spam you even more crap because 'you clicked on the link'

    Lets just say one site in previous years would be limited to a badly xeroxed flysheet handed out on street corners by a loon raving at a cloud... now he has 5 million 'followers' and can broadcast to the planet thanks to FB

    1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

      Re: A meta universe

      "Whos going to be on the outside actually doing stuff...?"

      Me for sure. And the billons and billions of other people that have much better things to be doing living real life v1.0 - rather than running away from it.

      Do you think you may have lost some perspective..? Your comment feels a bit similar to a lot of online people who's only view of the scale and majesty of planet Earth seemingly comes via a web-browser, Google earth - and the media.

  56. Mike Bunyan

    meta grab

    Looks like a grab for all internet websites. 'meta' is a fundamental for good internet sites, using the html tag 'meta' to enhance information or deliver instruction to the browser and user.

    Most likely any future search for 'meta' tag data/values will surface the new Meta, instead of desired technical information.

    Pity 'meta' is open source technical keyword and, probably, cannot be cited as 'protected' or 'licenced'.

    Looks like more trouble ahead for developers.

    Mike B

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: meta grab

      maybe we need to game the search engines so the new Meta company doesn't show up, only the many and varied other uses of the word/prefix "meta" :-)

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: meta grab

        But what happens when the gamers turn out to be out-gamed?

  57. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I would have posted using my username but I know the typical response I'll get just for saying I use Secondlife.

      Saying Secondlife is only used for porn is a typical comment from someone who doesn't use Secondlife based on ignorance of the 1000's of people who use it daily for other things. It's content is user generated, people socialise, no not porn, many other things all *without* VR and have been using the "metaverse" long before Facebook or Zuck ever took an interest in it.

      1. cNova

        Didn't Second Life have an infestation of giant flying penises once? With Marky Z, I don't think you'll have to worry about a big penis.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Sure it did. The biggest virtual world at the moment is VRChat with many more daily users than Second life. VRChat is on Steam and also on the Quest 2 store. Oh yeah, Quest 2 is a Faceb...sorry "Meta" product and has more idiots using it shouting in your face than Second life ever had.

  58. RobThBay

    Nothing new

    This whole meta-crap sounds famiiar.... oh yeah, Bruce Willis in Surogates.

  59. croc

    Re-branding exercise...

    I had hoped that the board at Facebook was making this a real exercise by throwing the Zuck out on his (r)ear. I don't think that Zuck has enough real stock left to control what the board does. Wishful thinking....

  60. Overflowing Stack

    Go Meta

    GO META. I can't wait, sounds amazing! Zuck, Einstein would be proud! Go Meta, go Zucker!

  61. steviebuk Silver badge

    The madness of it all

    I don't like Elon much but understand the need to have the ability to leave the planet quickly if all goes to shit. However all the others, although he could do the same, should think about the current issues of Earth as well and how all their money, pool, could help out so much.

    Not only this but they could also use that good bit of PR for advertising. People may dislike Microsoft and although no longer there, Bill Gates has at least created his foundation to try and eradicate the likes of polio. Why don't Bezo, Branson, Elon and Zuck do something similar with other fields?

    We have a massive issue with plastics at the moment, Coke Cola being one. Not paying enough to recycle their bottles, places like Maui not having recycling centres so its too expensive to export the bottles, Coke Cola only donate 40k for their project/charity that tries to recycle. Bezo and the like are missing a trick. Donate machines with all your Amazon labels on them or Facebook labels etc. I really don't understand why they don't do any of this.

    Clearly missing a trick and it might be something that people then won't ridicule them for. Cause this metaverse idea is a stupid fucking one.

  62. steviebuk Silver badge

    Of all the outfits

    Mark could of choosen and he just pick the avatar wearing the same clothes he already had on.

  63. SusiW
    Big Brother

    Original Oculus Sponsor

    I was an original Kickstarter sponsor of the OR. I still think it's an awesome idea.

    Not only have FB and its Uncanny Valley Head Droid shat dissent and hate all over the Internet, they took the OR, lied about what they would do with it, and turned it into another insidious stalking tool.

    Increasingly high-resolution headset environment cameras and powerful backend processing will give improving AR performance -

    However, if you already think that FB tracking is a creepy stalkers' wet-dream, then just wait until everything you see around you, your family, house, sensitive paperwork, etc., is fed back, OCR'd, analysed and exploited by MetaCreep Inc.

    "Your Whole Life™️" will become 'The Product', and it won't just be limited to the peccadilloes that they scrape (or you stupidly share!) online.

    As others have already said, the adverts, the fucking adverts...




  64. Jonjonz

    White Nazi's in full regalia, burning a thousand digital crosses before lynching several hundred simulated minorities, in 3, 2, 1, now that's engagement!

  65. Peter Christy

    Does anyone remember...

    ... the great re-naming successes of the past?

    British Leyland -> Rover

    Windscale -> Sellafield

    (and Nuclear Radiation -> Magic Moonbeams! c: Lenny Henry) ?

    If these are anything to go by, we should all be rejoicing! Zuck has just signed his company's death warrant!



  66. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What’s Facebook?

  67. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Dear Evil Peddler of Hate and Misinformation




    1. Matthew 25

      Re: Dear Evil Peddler of Hate and Misinformation

      Suckerburg sucks in all the suckers.

      They think that they are getting something for free.

  68. Tessier-Ashpool

    I already live in a simulation. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Your toy universe emulator will never be as good as the simulation we already inhabit. And ours runs as a proper virtualisation close to the metal.

    But the Zuckerverse will have way way more advertising and whiney American accents.

    So thanks, but no thanks.

  69. Barrie Shepherd

    Parallel World

    Can virtual avatars be offended/sued/accused of real world 'ism crimes etc.?

    I doubt it - so once in this world you are disconnected from the protections (such as they are) of the current real world.

    You would look pretty stupid racking up to a real world Court saying "My Meta world character has been offended because I was subjected to virtual verbal abuse because of the colour of my skin, my sexuality and the length of my hair coupled with my body mass and severe BO - and I want damages"

    So in the Meta future Zuck can not be accused of all the heinous crimes against society because the society is not real, it is imaginary.

    We can only hope the imaginary society disappears up the imaginary virtual A'hole a little like the oozlum bird.

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Parallel World

      "I doubt it"

      Well, people have been getting sued for things they say online for a couple decades now, so ...

  70. tin 2

    "and reduce your carbon footprint"

    how about turning those mountains of servers that create, analyse, and chuck out worthless shit based on metadata of metadata of data that isn't really needed for the original principles of Facebook to actually work?

  71. FlamingDeath Silver badge

    10,000 ppi

    Whatever your opinion is on VR, it’s only going to get better, I can imagine a future that looks back at our rectangle monitors / TVs / smart phones and just laughs at the idea.

    Think contact lenses.

    1. Danny 5

      Re: 10,000 ppi

      VR isn't the issue, it's how faceb.... ehr Meta intends to use it that seems a tad far fetched. I have a PSVR set and am now also playing my non-VR games with the headset on, simply because it projects a massive screen, well over 100", for my gaming pleasures. Even though it's "only"HD and I can regularly see pixels, it still massively enhances my gaming experience, I see no reason to return to playing games on my TV as long as I have the VR set.

  72. AbortRetryFail

    Second Life

    A mention of Second Life without calling the Residents "saddos" and "losers"? You're slipping, Reg.

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Second Life

      Excuse me? The Residents aren't saddos or losers ... Freaks, maybe, but then we all have a little bit of freak in us. Their art might not be for everybody, but calling them that is kinda harsh, don't you think?

      1. AbortRetryFail

        Re: Second Life


        You misunderstand. It's The Register who seldom passes up an opportunity to insult Second Life and (by implication) anyone who is positive about it.

        I was merely (sarcastically) pointing out that, for once, they had not done so.

        I was not condoning it or agreeing with it.

  73. AbortRetryFail

    Snow Crash

    Mark Zuckerberg even lacked the imagination to come up with an original name.

  74. Luiz Abdala

    This guy watched too much Ready Player One and wants in.

    This could work, but not with Facebook pulling the strings.

  75. cNova

    "The Future Ain't What it Used to be."

    My science fiction analogy would be Soylent Green. People eating people, while folks asking for decency are bulldozed into garbage trucks. (Or was that last part Rollerball? )

    Whatever. I'm getting nostalgic for the dystopias of yore. At least some had flying cars.

  76. Danny 5

    shut in

    This sounds like a nightmare to be honest and that comes from someone who loves being home alone. I have no problem with an extended lack of contact with people, but if there's one thing that covid has taught me is that even the most fervent hermit will start to miss human contact at some point, I certainly did. Only a company as removed from reality as faceb.... sorry Meta can come up with something like that. The Matrix anyone?

  77. Jonjonz

    The metaverse is a meaningless term, it's the old street con man for mumbling incomprehenibly when a mark asks questions.

    F*ckUbook motto really is "we use stupid laws like 230 and technology to invade everyone's privacy and sell the information gained to the highest bidder, and also promoting murder, incest, pedophilia, racism etc if it sells adds."

    Metamucil is more like it, get ready to get shit on even more by powerful corporations.

  78. adam payne

    Lest you think this is a power grab, he insisted Facebook, or is that Meta, didn't want to be in control, and the future new reality must be built on open standards and easy interoperability, with privacy and data security built in from the star-haha-hahahaha-hahahaha

    Open standards yeah right, privacy and data security OMG he really has been sniffing the glue again.

  79. Ross 12

    The problem with real life is that, despite capitalism's best efforts, there are still human actions and interactions that aren't monetised yet.

    That's what Zuckerbot's Metaverse is for. Everything do you; everything you look at; everything you access or interact with, both in work or personal time, can be sold or rented to you or licensed or used to deliver adverts.

    And then there's you as a data source... on a whole new level from the already insane levels of data slurping from your web and mobile use.

  80. Stuart Halliday
    Big Brother

    He's obviously read the Arthur C Clarke novel 3001: The Final Odyssey. In which everyone uses a Metaverse in their daily life.

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