back to article Get ready for full holograms and 6G while living in the metaverse, says Samsung

With 5G adoption on the upswing, Samsung provided a detailed glimpse as to what a 6G world would look like. "We already started 6G research with the commercialization target around 2030," said Sunghyun Choi, corporate senior vice president at Samsung Electronics, during a presentation at the Samsung Developer Conference …

  1. Chris Gray 1

    I'm pessimistic

    AI/ML as we know it could be useful in choosing how and where to send packets. However, the number of levels in the AI model will directly influence the latency of that decision, as will typical overhead processing, and simple semiconductor switching time. As a user moves around in a big city, they will be approaching, passing, and departing access points/antennae, hence those decisions will have to be made quite frequently. If you are streaming 3D hi-res VR needing that Terabyte per second, can you really do that without hiccoughs? With lots of buffering, you might, but then you won't be in real-time - there will be time deltas among people who are physically close, simply because the routing decisions for them differed. For people far apart, e.g. continents apart, those deltas could be very noticeable - simple speed-of-light will ensure that.

    Its all a nice dream, but I expect physics will get in the way.

    Oh, and how is your reliability? My understanding is that as semiconductor feature size decreases, overall reliability, especially over the long term, decreases. 10 times as many transistors of 1/10 the size will get, what - 100 times more observable bit corruptions?

  2. jake Silver badge


    I'm still waiting on an agreed upon standard for 5G.

    This is all marketing twaddle and has nothing to do with technology.

  3. Denarius

    marketting twaddle and threat

    agreed this is wish list. I note that terrahertz radiation is used in body scanners to reveal all without stripping sheep people. So what will miscreants get up to with Thz receivers and transmitters of small size, power needs and readily available ?

  4. Filippo Silver badge

    VR and holograms?

    How so? There are a multitude of reasons why VR is a niche and true holograms don't exist. Bandwidth is only a minor detail in comparison.

    1. ThatOne Silver badge

      Re: VR and holograms?

      Part of the buzzword bingo. They are there because the less technically minded still consider them as "futuristic technology".

  5. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge


    "The 5G network wasn't developed with AI and machine learning in mind as those technologies emerged much later. But that won't be the case with 6G, Choi said."

    All the PR hype for 5G said it was exactly for that.

    1. druck Silver badge

      Re: Backtracking?

      XG - everything we claimed for (X-1)G, but actually working this time*, with added unicorns.

      * But at frequencies which wont pass through a paper bag.

  6. AMBxx Silver badge


    Every recent buzzword is in there.

    1. Munkstar

      Re: Bingo!

      I can’t find synergy.

  7. GcdJ


    So 2030 is the year that SkyNet starts to be rolled out.......

  8. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    FBI 2150

    It's late in the evening and it's raining. The police lieutenant is still clutching his cold, unfinished stimfee, waiting for the coroner's decision. The blue lights wash over the wet facades of city buildings, and the once-human form lying on the ground. The body is dessicated and charred, the fifth one this week and it's only Wednesday.

    The coroner gets up, tired as hell, and turns to the officer. "Yeah, he got a phone call. Bad luck when you're in line of sight of three relays."

    The lieutenant nods. Well, at least the forms for this are standardized. That'll make the paperwork easier. "You know, " he says, " they're talking about making 23G use high-energy x-rays."

    "Well that'll make my job easier for sure," answers the coroner. "There won't be any body to analyze"

    "Right" chuckles the officer. "Okay, you can take him away. Let's get out of this rain."

  9. pip25


    If that's the best they could come up with as a potential application for 6G, they must be really desperate.

    1. Alumoi Silver badge

      Re: Holograms?

      Just imagine the advertising opportunities!

  10. Mage Silver badge


    As are most claims for 5G.

    Also there is no viable display or camera for moving holograms. Even display of a static hologram properly isn't possible on an electronic display.

  11. ThatOne Silver badge

    I see, I see...

    All right, 5G hasn't finished arriving yet, and they're already touting 6G. What does that mean?

    In my crystal ball I see the future where the "G"s follow one another every 4 months, like browser versions, and like browser versions not because they bear any improvements or new features, but only because of the marketing-driven headlong rush to be always newer, shinier, cooler (and incidentally, sell the same stuff all over again).

    Soon, communications technologies will have rounded corners. *sigh*

  12. Dr. G. Freeman

    Holograms ? Cool been looking for ages for a way to make those green and black ones I had on toys as a kid in the 80s.

    1. ThatOne Silver badge

      Been looking for ages for a way to make them say "You're our only hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi"...

  13. adam 40 Silver badge

    Latency 100μs

    So - faster than the speed of light, then?

    Even wired networks struggle to do 400μs in a building, let alone across the internet.

    1. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

      Re: Latency 100μs

      5G supports ultra-low latency edge computing but omitted specifications on how to mount datacenters on utility poles and building corners. 6G, presumably, remedies this to such a degree that nobody is ever more than 200μs from a super-computer with 200μS response times.

  14. Munkstar

    5G range

    Give me a shout when 4G is up and running.

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