back to article MediaTek wants Windows 11 Arm PCs powered by its chips, not just Qualcomm's

MediaTek intends to work with Microsoft on putting Windows 11 on devices powered by its Arm-based processors, the chip house's CEO said during an earnings call this week. The Taiwanese company's bossman, Rick Tsai, didn't say if the pair were already holding hands, but made the intention clear in response to an analyst asking …

  1. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    You surely don't mean?

    "hop into bed with the Beast of Redmond"???

    Who might that be then?

  2. Andrew Scaife

    Never again

    For years I bought phones with MediaTek chipsets and processors. Yeah, cheap. Then I bought one with Qualcomm. Gone is the shit Bluetooth performance among other things. You want to get in bed with Microsoft? Ahah. Ahahahaha. Go ahead, I for one welcome your new Redmond overlords. These are computers I will never buy!

    1. MiguelC Silver badge

      Re: Never again

      For me it was the GPS accuracy... never again did any of my phones show me walking two streets away from where I really was

      1. Philippe

        Re: Never again

        You entered "God Mode" but instead of the ability to be in two places at once, you were at a place you weren't.

      2. quxinot Silver badge

        Re: Never again

        I did emulate that feat years and years ago.

        (Let the wife read the map while I was driving--GPS is a blessing, even when it's questionable!)

  3. Philippe


    I am pretty sure Samsung will get there before Mediatek, they've announced working on an ARM CPU for laptops with integrated AMD GPU Technology.

    This announcement was ten months ago so we're getting close to seeing it.

  4. CommonBloke

    Fighting for the low end

    MTK is aiming for the cheap low end that's currently dominated by intel celeron. We can hate and bash that processor all day long, but it's the POS that drives a huge portion of laptop/notebook computers

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