back to article It's that time of the year again when GitHub does its show'n'tell of features – some new and others kinda new

Microsoft's GitHub social code motel begins its two-day Universe happening on Wednesday, bringing with it assorted enhancements to its developer-oriented products and services. The renovation and refurbishment at GitHub is a constant state of affairs. Since last year's Universe show, said chief product officer Thomas Dohmke in …

  1. Il'Geller

    “Two of us at El Reg gained access a few days ago and we can confirm that the AI code assistant is impressive when it gets things right, which happens often but not even nearly always.”

    This completely depends on the technology Microsoft uses: Microsoft searches within textual descriptions. So, texts should be structured correctly.

  2. gobaskof

    "which led to a reduction in time required to spin up a dev environment, from 45 minutes down to 10 minutes. The implication is that you too should try Codespaces."

    This seems like a very long time? Perhaps I am just demonstrating my ignorance and admitting that I only do play scripting in childish dev environments. What takes that long? Are we talking each time you spin up and IDE to work on a specific project it takes 45 mins? Or are we talking about coming to a new project for the first time and chasing down all of the dependencies, etc, etc? Because that really changes how many times you save 35 mins.

    1. Richard 12 Silver badge

      What's included?

      The real question is what's included in that setup time?

      Installing your IDE-of-choice and source control only happens once per machine. Updates are fast, barely notice them.

      Cloning the repo is anything from a few seconds to an hour, depending - but again, you only do that once per project. Pull/push are fast.

      The only plausible real gain is that using this Codespaces thing forces you to write and maintain dev bootstrap scripting. Unless your employee turnover is so high that half an hour is actually visible - and there's no project documentation they can be reading.

      Dev setup docs and scripting (where extant) tend to be fragile and break without anyone noticing for months, so I guess forcing everyone to start from scratch more often would help with that - but at what cost?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Releases page is butchered

    Unfortunately the "releases" page for repositories is now totally butchered.

    It shows only 2 to 4 lines of release notes. That is way too little, each and every project now requires clicking on "see more" to display the full release notes.

    This is a very Microsoft thing to do: hide more things in every release and force the users to click around more.

    It can be seen in Windows often. F U Microsoft.

    1. Richard 12 Silver badge

      Re: The Releases page is butchered

      I can only assume you're supposed to have a million Releases.

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