back to article DISH Wireless hooks up with Helium's decentralised 5G network via FreedomFi gear

US carrier DISH Wireless has buddied up with Helium blockchain crew and FreedomFi to permit users to roam onto the Helium network, built with the latter's 5G CBRS hotspots. The deal is similar to that announced with GigSky back in September, although DISH Wireless is a considerably larger fish in the US carrier pond. DISH has …

  1. YetAnotherJoeBlow Bronze badge

    "Renski blamed the bulk of the increase on semiconductor shortages."

    Covid 19 is getting a bit long in the tooth...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As for punters paying for their DISH subscriptions

    with all that crypto, the answer was: "Not at this time." So the good old cash is still a thing. Thought so!

  3. Snake Silver badge

    Running gag

    I'm just visiting for the reused 5G photo. Why does she make me giggle when I look at that photo, in those shoes??!

  4. Fred Goldstein

    CBRS rules require the access points (and higher-power client radios) to be entered into a Spectrum Access System (several are on line) by a Certified Professional Installer (CPI). The CPI's personal certificate credential is the key to entering anything into the SAS, which is a prerequisite for the transmitter to turn on. Ordinary folks aren't about to become CPIs, though I suppose a geek could take the online class and take the test (it costs several hundred dollars from Google and others). The Helium/FreedomFi folks seem to be omitting this critical detail. Absent a validated CPI, the radio won't even turn on. (A possible exception exists for indoor radios whose GPS is accurate within 3 meters vertically, which is rare. Outdoor radios need CPI in almost all cases.)

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