back to article Alibaba Cloud drops all-in-one client device, on-prem cloud-native DB

Announcements were coming thick and fast at Alibaba Cloud's annual APSARA conference, where the Middle Kingdom's biggest cloud unleashed an all-in-one client device, plenty of upgrades to its cloud services, and an uncanny weather predictor. The Chinese cloud leader last year gave the world "Wuying" – a tiny device that …

  1. Robert Grant

    > Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) networking capability with a latency as low as 5 microseconds

    This sounds like a cool idea, but isn't that (absolute best case time) still an eternity in RAM response time terms?

    1. LeoP

      Yes and no

      It's slow for RAM, but it allows for (dynamic) scaling of RAM to and from VMs - that might easily bring a big net positive

  2. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    Me thinks...

  3. Jan 0 Silver badge

    This is a strange use of the term "drops".

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