back to article 'Windows 11 has been successfully downloaded,' says update for Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator

At first glance, Microsoft appears to have torn up the infamous Windows 11 hardware compatibility list by inflicting the code on its latest games console. Though the original Xbox (now approaching its 20th anniversary) was little more than a jumped-up PC in a hefty black box, sticking vanilla Windows on the thing was probably …

  1. stiine Silver badge

    I expect its to be used as a local update source.

  2. James O'Shea

    The Master Chief would not be amused

    Time for a little house-cleaning in MS-ville. Lock and load, boyz'n'grrlz.

  3. yetanotheraoc Silver badge


    Microsoft has a mispelled word "OWNED" in the screenshot.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    I've had an Xbox One X since they went into production (and the reservation process was typical Microsoft - abysmal).

    That said, I have seen no full Windows updates. Instead, the console seems to occasionally pull in new Windows components like Edge.

    I suspect this is the case here. I haven't seen any console updates since Windows 11 hit so I suspect that this was some component needed for console/PC compatibility.

  5. pip25

    They should sue

    and seek compensation for the grievous psychological harm suffered

  6. arachnoid2


    Its an update for the flight deck software , Boings running windows 11 what could go wrong!?

    "Im sorry your plane has crashed, please reboot at the nearest airport"

    1. sinclairb5

      Re: Maybe..........

      I actually knew a Redmond developer who was putting NT on the 777 - and flew over here on one of the first for a meeting - now that's faith in your build.

      (apparently it was only used in the AV system I found out subsequently)

    2. ICL1900-G3

      Re: Maybe..........

      Boings - flown by Kangaroo Airlines.

  7. Displacement Activity


    To celebrate the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator is lighting up some of the world’s most famous points of interest in Windows 11 colors! There is also a free livery for the EXTRA 330LT.

    Another excellent reason to prefer X-Plane over MS Flight Simulator.

  8. bobbear
    Thumb Up

    The only thing an XBox would be of use for to me is a doorstop..

    I had my own lucky escape yesterday - apparently my Toshiba Satellite Pro has a 2.5 GHz twin core i5 cpu that isn't compatible with W11 Yay - success..! It's these small moents of joy that make life worth living..

    1. Francis Boyle Silver badge

      You make your own luck

      by turning off secure boot.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: You make your own luck

        .. by installing something else.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I use MSFS on my PC, and that did raise my eyebrows (and my heart rate) when I saw the message after the last MSFS update. It turns out it's just a bunch of Win11 promotional stuff, including a Windows11 themed livery for one of the aircraft, and updates to a number of the iconic buildings (Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House etc) in the Win 11 colours at night.

    Helpful message has never been a strong suit for MS - I still remember the message you got when you clicked on the help button for print in the early days of windows: "Print" This allows you to print.

    You don't say...

    1. Snapper

      One of the oldest, biggest and historically best paid departments at Microsoft is MSFT-SFO (Microsoft Shouldn't Function Today - So Fuck Off), where anything helpful in a message is ruthlessly changed to something viciously ambiguous and the originator sent on a 6-month re-training course. Two strikes and they are sacked with company-wide instructions not to ever re-hire.

  10. c3me

    W11 on Xbox anti-competitive (in EU)

    W11 on Xbox as enticing as it sounds for getting the most use out of hardware as possible in the hands of a consumer would probably upset a lot of PC desktop manufacturers unable to compete against a 'console' able to provide windows desktop functionality that is not sold with a profit margin.

  11. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Wow that's dumb

    Wow that's dumb. Some advertising for WIn11? Fine. Innacurately listing an update to flight simulator as "Windows 11?" Dumb, I expect my updates to accurately list what is updated.

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