back to article After more than a decade of development, South Korea has a near miss with Nuri rocket test

South Korea today came close to joining the small club of nations that can build and launch their own orbital-class rockets, with its maiden attempt blasting off successfully then failing to deploy its payload. At 5pm local time (UTC+9), the rocket, named Nuri, or KSLV-II, left its launchpad at Naro Space Center, destined for …

  1. Wellyboot Silver badge

    Well done.

    Can you let Boeing in on how to do fuel valves ?

  2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    A plan

    1, 50years of unease with a nuclear armed neighbour

    2, Develop a rocket

    3, Get a space program

    Tories very much playing the long game

  3. Gene Cash Silver badge

    3rd stage shut down early

    The KRE-007 was supposed to fire for 521 seconds, but it shut down at 475 seconds. No idea yet if it was a guidance or engine issue.

  4. ShadowSystems

    Korean Space Program?

    Wasn't there a game called KSP that simulated launching rockets into space? Perhaps a bit more time spent "training in simulation" (playing the game) might help perfect their next try? =-)p

    1. Kane Silver badge
      1. ShadowSystems

        At Kane, re: KSP.

        Ah, thanks. I knew I remembered that name.

        Too bad they've got me on their Skippy's List of people never allowed to play any longer. Sheesh. You catapult one too many rockets directly into the sun & suddenly they label you a menace to navigation. BAH! =-)p

  5. Spherical Cow

    We have a green light for launch

    And then 475 seconds into the third stage burn the girl turned her head and said "red light!"

    1. Robert Grant Silver badge

      Re: We have a green light for launch


  6. Binraider Silver badge

    Maybe, if instead of Westernised countries developing tens of independent satellite networks, they could work together to create a more cost effective tool for all their needs.

    Good things happened when Britain worked with the French (Concorde?). And the Italians & Germans (Tornado).

    Just how many different satellite launchers are needed, and how many different recon platforms.

  7. richdin

    You forgot one

    Israel has been lobbing stuff into space since 1988

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