back to article GIMP 2.99.8 is here but what's happened to 3.0? If only stuff would not break all the time

GIMP 2.99.8, a development version with many new features, has been released, but 3.0 is taking its time due to system changes that break things. GIMP 2.99.8: another step on the long road to GIMP 3.0 The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a full-featured bitmap image editor with a long history, the first public release being …

  1. packrat

    I love gimp, (they got in on the kaffeeklatch registration i do every decade or so.)

    They got coffee money from me and i use it daily.

    and I have looked thru (perl/ java scipt pythlon modules) for animation + gifs.

    'couse, i'm a moron user too.

    the 'made with gimp' is still there. not worried about stripped info in resizing,

    as humiliating as it sounds, make-gif/ ray-trace refine (sharpen) and

    use as AI model ML and training in neural net (make 3d amimation, refocus, deblur)

    options that would would help? don't tell intel tho. set number of active cores? assign cores?

    love gimp, they deserve a 100 registration fee.


  2. Hubert Cumberdale Silver badge

    I do love GIMP, but I wish some things in it were little more intuitive. I accidentally un-docked the Tool Options from the main window bit several months ago and I've never figured out how to re-dock it, so it's just floating around now, which bugs me. I'm sure there's a way to do it, but nothing I've tried seems to work (suggestions welcome).

    1. Zimmer

      re-dock Tool options..

      Have you tried Windows - Single Window Mode to try to reset it?

      1. Hubert Cumberdale Silver badge

        Re: re-dock Tool options..

        Ah – switching that on and off seemed to reset something, albeit messily. Then I realised I can drag the "tab" at the top of each doodad to reorganise it. Really not intuitive, but that seems to have sorted it! Cheers --->

    2. Gene Cash Silver badge

      There's also (despite using "remember window positions") the fact that GIMP will open on a random one of my 3 monitors, with the tool window either concealed under the image or iconified, despite leaving it open on another monitor the last time I closed it.

      (but considering that's pretty much my worst gripe, that's pretty good)

    3. _LC_

      It's probably just me

      It's probably just me, but I search for half a minute EVERY TIME I have to crop something. Icons just don't look like they look everywhere else. That's the GNOME way. Why stick to a standard, when you can define your own.

  3. bombastic bob Silver badge

    adding new features, yes. CHANGING THE UI, **NO**

    I use the classic UI for gimp. I am used to it and I like it. Changing to it (from the default 'dockable single window') on a new Linux installation is a little difficult because I always forget how. But it has been possible. Let's hope that remains to be the case (have not verified this on the newest version).

    As long as they improve the functionality and do NOT "GO AUSTRALIS" (or similar) on us, I'll remain happy.

    when I see "new developer": in an announcement, I *ALWAYS* *FEAR* *THE* *FLATSO* because the perception is that WAY TOO MANY "new devs" seem to WANT that... whereas long time users generally want NO changes at all (except new features and stability).

  4. Daniel von Asmuth

    technology changes

    Have they started the port to GTK 4.0 yet?

  5. drankinatty

    Version 2.99.8 uses Gtk 3 and is described as having "a huge set of improvements." - Cough...

    I have used gimp for decades, but this is not a release I'm looking forward to. Gone will be the ability to theme gimp consistent with your favorite theme (thanks to the CSS theme model used by Gtk+3 that has sent theme developers running like lemmings over a cliff). Now you get one color gray and a whole lot more scrollbars. You also get the upside down right panel with swatches, gradients, etc.. up top and layers, channels, paths on the bottom (due to an unauthorized change at 2.8).

    At least they have brought the ruler sliders from Gtk+2 along (something Gtk+3 removed as a feature from the toolkit). As for the "huge set of improvements...", there is nothing in the list that outweighs the downside of poor icons spacing controls and lists that are 2X taller than in the Gtk+2 version prompting scrollbars and ellipsized toolbars to grow on the interface like weeds in a vacant lot.

    No doubt the core of gimp will be the same old fantastic gimp, it will just be wearing an ill-fitting coat for now. And just in time for Gtk+3 to be depricated in favor of Gtk+4.... Here is to hoping this isn't another port that prompts a sigh.. and a "Gtk+3 strikes again..." lament.

  6. Dave559 Silver badge

    The plague of the grey icons

    Ugh, what's with this horrible plague of grey icons that seems to be spreading? Libre Office also seems to have done the same recently.

    The things that help us identify and distinguish between toolbar icons, so that we can quickly pick the one we want to use, are shapes (outlines), objects (the thing(s) in the icon), and colours (multiple colours, colours representing the real world objects, or different colours for different icons just to reduce homogeneity).

    If they reduce the identifying features to just one, a crappy silhouette outline, that removes 2/3 of the identifying features, and makes them 2/3 less usable.

    Is this just typical Gnome stupidity (I remember when I used to quite like Gnome, but they seem to have increasingly become hyper-minimalising UI-destroying zealots), or a misguided attempt at "accessibility" for colour-blind users?

    Reducing usability for the majority, so that all have the same disability, is really not the way to do this: yes, we add long access ramps to station overbridges for very good reason, but that doesn't mean that we don't also have a more direct flight of stairs for those who can use them.

    These icons are so indistinguishable that they would almost be better just replacing them with text boxes which have the name of the feature written in them instead!

    1. NuffSed?

      Re: The plague of the grey icons

      In general, I'm with you on having easily identifiable (standardised might help or derivatives thereof) icons. As someone with eyesight issues (especially subtle colour differences) I seem be spending more time hovering over an icon to make sure I get the right one. For example, my eldest grandson likes to set his Cinnamon Desktop icons to where Thunderbird icon is light blue border around a white box and Libre Office is a grey border.

      But isn't that why they have icon sets and themes to choose from? That said having not used Windows on a regular basis for many years I can't remember if that sort of flexibility is still there.

      As an aside, My 9 year old granddaughter was doing some scanning for her homework. Used to Windows at school she sat down at my Linux box. Her 16 year old brother told her to use Document Scanner (aka Simple Scan). She got on and just used it. Concerned that I might have her work saved in the wrong location, I questioned her. She gave me the answers I wanted , but I asked her how did she know how to save. She pointed to an icon of a FDD.She said that is the same as schools. She didn't know what it actually was until I showed her a real one.

      Perhaps we do need a set of standardised set of icons for regular activities like open, save, save as etc. Works for road signs and labelling.

  7. Binraider Silver badge

    GIMP is one of those programs which was always capable, but I never got the UI. Welcome to see work on it, I shall have to pay a second visit. Me, I’m still stuck on deluxe paint III.

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