back to article AWS admits cloud ain't always the answer, intros on-prem vid-analysing box

Amazon Web Services, the outfit famous for pioneering pay-as-you-go cloud computing, has produced a bit of on-prem hardware that it will sell for a once-off fee. The device is called the "AWS Panorama Appliance" and the cloud colossus describes it as a "computer vision (CV) appliance designed to be deployed on your network to …

  1. pavel.petrman

    Crucial bit of info missing - ownership

    What is the ownership model on this? Do you buy the hardware+software package from Amazon for a one-off fee, or will it resemble today's smartphone ownership model, where one buys into the closely guarded ecosystem and gets a blinky-shiny terminal to be able to participate in said ecosystem but isn't supposed to really own it? Such model would make sense from the cloud perspective, but I can't imagine the same warmth of acceptance from common systems guy as smartphones get from their victims users.

  2. nojobhopes
    Big Brother

    Who doesn't want their data in the cloud?

    Governments and other organisations who might be analysing / tracking people they shouldn't.

    1. hoola Silver badge

      Re: Who doesn't want their data in the cloud?

      It is in the "the Cloud" as it is my understanding the only difference is that you know the physical location. What goes on under the hood is anybody's guess.

      It is one of those typical things where this is a solution that keeps auditors happy because you can truthfully say the data is "on-prem" when in reality it is just an extension of a public cloud.

      It is adapting the business model to ensure you can get as much of the market as possible, the same as Microsoft's Azure Stack.

  3. BillyZ

    A good reminder...

    A good reminder that not all data should live in the cloud. Some of it is just too darn sensitive.

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