back to article Arm teases its GPU that will follow next year's graphics processor tech

Arm has teased an upcoming graphics processor unit, due to be unveiled next year, and said it is tuned heavily for running artificial intelligence code. This unnamed GPU will provide a 4.7x FP32 performance improvement over its Mali-G76 cousin, said Ian Bratt, fellow and senior director of technology at Arm's machine learning …

  1. Archivist

    Competition stifling

    So tell me again why it's a good idea for Nvidia to buy ARM?

    1. x 7

      Re: Competition stifling

      Could ARM buy nVidia?

      1. Cederic Silver badge

        Re: Competition stifling

        I'm not sure ARM can afford to buy an Nvidia card, let alone Nvidia.

        I can't. Prices are insane :(

    2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Competition stifling

      It's a great idea for SoftBank and gets Matayoshi Son out of a pickle. Isn't that enough for us all?

  2. fuzzie

    Arm Consortium

    As the subjects says. I believe Arm would be better suited to be owned by a mix of companies in a consortium. A bit like what happened when HERE maps spun out of Nokia and is now owned by a disparate bunch, but all who have a vested interest in an open platform for mapping and logistics. And none of them have large enough, controlling interest to dominate, unlike, e.g. OpenSymbian and Nokia


    A similar setup could work just as well for a group of interested parties with a vested interest in a neutral CPU architecture provider. The current Arm architecture licensees are probably a good starting point of that group, but I can see it span anything from the mobile phone companies to IoT through home automation, etc. You name it. And draw up the charter that the consortium continues to be managed, steered by the current crowd so it doesn't devolve into a W3G or other tail-wagging-the-dog world.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    For Sale ........ Bloodless Coup Crown Jewels .... No Realistic Offer for Payment Refused.

    Arm therefore has to make the pitch that it's easier, more cost effective, or more power efficient, say, to just use its off-the-shelf blueprints. And so these designs have to be up to scratch.

    Are they up to current scratch to demonstrate leadership paths running artificial intelligence code ‽ . Do they have a Works to XSSXXXX Manual ...... for Flights Planning ACTivating Events Happening.

    And always fated and feted to be Constant Works in Progress and AI@ITsWork in Progressive Programs which aren't anything like Pogroms/Revolutions/Troubles for Future Progress is Almighty Powerful and considerably SMARTR Enabled than was ever made possible and available before.

    If they're into supplying those master drawings for Entangling Programs via their Capture in Captivating Processes.

    Think of it as akin to a Postmodern Sourcery Entertaining and Extolling AIMajICQ ..... in order to be able to function magnificently in Quantum Leaping Communications provided with all of the above ..... and you will have a clearer understanding of the state of mind required there to further succeed and far exceed all expectation to pioneer in Quantum State Communications in/for Artificial Intelligence Developments.

    Methinks that's worthy of an ARIA Kiss

    What says El Reg? :-) To Infer such a case be as the Blind leading the Blind would be a Most Definite MisCharacterisation which Offers up a Feeble Quasi-Rejection of the Guaranteed Potential of Myriad Novel Opportunities Ahead with AI Command and Control ...... Absolutely, Virtually Remotely. Intangible and Untouchable Secret Intelligence Services one is best advised to not know too much about if one is unable to handle/retain/regain/bend and mend command and control utilities and Super Offensive Weapons ...... An Immaculate Existential Deterent EMPowering NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT TechnoLogistics to do the the Next Best Thing ........ which is Really Good and Great.

  4. Tom 7 Silver badge

    4.7x FP32 performance improvement over its 2018 cousin

    Presumably that's for a particular chip process. So 2018 is irrelevant.

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